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Serena Williams baby
Oct 16, 2017 |

Serena Williams is definitely happy with her new life, as she can't hold the joy of a new baby. 


Nov 02, 2016 |

Jimmy Kimmel over the years have found ways to prank kids after Halloween by telling their parents to tell them they ate their candies. The mean...

Jul 26, 2016 |

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) study has shown that inks that is used to create body arts are toxic and should be banned. The ink increases...

Jul 13, 2016 |

Trying to make $100,000 in a year with your current job might seems like an unachievable feat, but according to one of the biggest Job marketplace...

May 08, 2016 |

Airbnb user is slamming a racist property owner with hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack. According to 25 year old Greg Selden from Virginia in USA, he had...

Apr 11, 2016 |

A woman had to walk and accept her fate among some men who won't stop following her, and keep singing her praise for having a massive breast. The...

Mar 31, 2016 |

It is about to be another April fools day, the All fools' day is celebrated with people playing pranks on each other and joke at each other. It is...

Mar 11, 2016 |

A South African pastor, Shepherd Bushiri, has decided to toy with the intelligence of his gullible members, who in their multitude are yet to see...

Feb 14, 2016 |

Kyle Boggess did not have a good valentines day, neither is his girlfriend, Anna Miller,  after she caught her on popular dating website, Plenty...

Feb 12, 2016 |

Clare Howe,36 year single old lady  and beauty therapist have posted herself on ebay for valentine's date, and has since been receiving offers...

Feb 06, 2016 |

A recent picture is causing stir among netizens. The picture showed a picture of a mum and twin sister, Kaylan and Kyla Mahomes in a car last week...