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Masked gunmen once again struck on bus carrying Coptic Christians south of the Egyptian capital on Friday, killing 26 people including children, and wounding 26 others. 

The bus travelling to the St. Samuel Monastery in Minya province was attacked  220 kilometres south of the Egyptian capital, when the gunmen that wore military uniforms and masks opened fire on the bus going from Bani Suief to visit the monastery.


The attack is yet to be claimed by the ISIS affiliate in Egypt, but security officials believe it goes along the same way of other ISIS attacks in the past.

Security forces have started hunting for the attackers, and the President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has called a meeting with the top-aides to discuss the attack on the people killed.

Last month, a bombing at the country's main Coptic cathedral left 25 people dead. 100 people were also killed when a twin bomb went off as the Coptic Christians celebrates Palm Sunday. ISIS claimed they were responsible for both attacks.

Copts are the Middle East's largest Christian community, and have complained of discriminations, and terrorist attacks in the hands of the Muslim populated country. 

Pope Francis visited Egypt late last month to show support for the Christians attacked by the terrorists, but after the pope left the country, ISIS vowed of increase attacks on the Christians and also Western embassies, and have warned Muslims not to go near those places


The UK terrorist, Salman Abedi, that killed 22 people, and injured another 119 people after the Ariana Grande sold out concert was reported to police five years ago for always supporting terrorism and had thoughts that "being a suicide bomber was OK".


                     UK terrorist suspect, Salman Abedi

According to a colleague who would like to remain unnamed, Salman has been in support of terrorist, and full of their praises, and five years ago, his actions were reported to the police.

After his attack, the counter-terror police arrested his brother, Ismail. Also, his other brother, Hashem and his dad, Ramadan were both arrested by the Libyan counter-terror officers in Tripoli.


                       Salman Abedi's dad

According to the Libyan counter-terror officers, Hashem knew all about his brother's plan, and was also planning his own activity in Tripoli.


22 People have been confirmed killed at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena, including an eight-year old child, after a Libyan refugee, Salman Abedi blows up the music concert venue. The explosion also had more than 60 people injured.


Salman Abedi, 22, had fled Libya during Gaddadi regime, and had travelled to the UK with his other 3 siblings and parents. He is also well known to police and intelligence agencies. He was known to have studied Business at Salford University, but seems to have problems with learning and had dropped out without completing his degree.

UK prime minister, Theresa May increased the threat level of Britain from severe to critical, and had said they military could be deployed to help police officers at public events.

Police on Tuesday blows up the door to a building on Elsmore Road, Fallowfield, where Salman stays, and told neighbours to remain indoors as they carry out the raid in this building. 


A 23-old man in Manchester has also been arrested in connection to the bombing. The recent bomb blast was the worst attack on British soil since July 7 bombings in London in 2005, where 52 British citizens were killed.


The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack which involved a home-made device packed with nuts and bolts, and was detonated as people were leaving the venue of the event.

Mrs May also flew to Manchester to speak with the police and medics helping with the injured.

The eight year old that lost her life in the attack was Saffie Rose Roussos, a student at Tarleton Community Primary School and was described by the Chris Upton of the school as "a beautiful little girl in every aspect of the word"


Three people have been reported dead after a lorry rams into a store in Drottninggatan (Queen Street), the city major pedestrian street. The lorry was hijacked on Friday from its owner, and was used to smash into people at the Ahlens department store just before 15:00 local time.

Local media have reported that a suspect has been arrested, but police officials are yet to confirm the story.


The owner of the truck, Swedish brewery Spendrups said the lorry was hijacked from the driver while on delivery to a restaurant. According to the spokesperson of Brewery Spendrups;

Someone jumped into the driver's cabin and drove off with the vehicle while the driver was unloading

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said that everything pointed to an act of terror.

The same tactics of car crashing into civilians was recently used in London on March 22nd, killing 6 people, and injuring 50 others in Westminster bridge. The attacker then went into the parliament complex on foot and stabbed the police officer, before he was shot by officers around the scene.


Sufiyan Mustafa, 22, the son of the UK hate preacher, Abu Hamza is currently stateless after the Home Office withdraw his passport, leaving him stranded in the civil war in Syria. Sufiyan has travelled to Syria to join ISIS to support Jihad.

He had left the UK in 2013 after his father was extradited to America to stand trial after been convicted of terrorism charges. Mustafa denied fighting for ISIS or Al-Qaeda.


While speaking to the Arabic newspaper, Al-Quds, he complained about his frustration, and how the government has labelled him a terrorist, and also revoked his passport. He said he would return to the UK when the regime of President Bashar al-Assad has fallen and the fight in Syria has stopped.

Mustafa said he was fighting with a moderate group that is supported by both the British and fights with American weapons. Mustafa said;

Britain is the place where I was born and lived. I have never been a threat to national security in Britain and will not commit aggression on its population because our religion does not allow attacks on unarmed innocents.

Mustafa admitted that his father made a mistake, and said “Who hasn’t when they believe in a cause?" he added;

I am a believer that the real battle will be after the fall of the regime, in the construction of Syria again and reform of the political and economic affairs and construction of public schools to study. The victory of the revolution will be when we see the people elect a representative government and take the country to a better future than it was.

Mustafa is part of the 400 fighting in Syria and Iraq  for groups ranging from the moderate rebels to the extremists of Isil. He appeared last month in a propaganda video criticising ISIS for giving Muslims a bad name, while also denouncing Assad. 


                                Abu Hamza

Abu Hamza, Mustafa father was the Imam of Finsbury Park mosque, in north London, and assumed his position in 1997. He was extradited to the US five years ago on terrorism charges and currently in a solitary confinement at a high-security prison in Florence, Colorado. 


UK Parliament is in lockdown after a policeman was stabbed and the suspected assailant shot dead out the house of Parliament. After the shooting, another car rammed into crowd on the Westminster bridge, and police are treating this as a terror attack.


According to a doctor at St Thomas, some of the injured people are described to have catastrophic injuries. One woman has also died, and a police officer.

Proceedings in the House of Common was halted after three shots were fired outside the Westminster building.

According to security sources, the suspected assailant is a middle-aged Asian man, who was understood to have left his car to stab the police officer with a 7 to 8 inch knife. The police fell down, and was clutching his arm or shoulder, while police yelled at the assailant to stop. Afterwards, shots were fired.


                 UK Parliament halt proceedings after three shots were fired outside the building

Dozens of armed policemen ran around the parliament building after the shots were fired.

Paramedics are at the scene and have been working with the wounded, and injured.


Four Israeli Soldiers cadet were killed in Jersualem on Sunday when a Palestinian attacker drives a truck and rammed into them. Three women and a man in their early twenties were reported to have died in the attack, but police is yet to identify the victims.

The attack took place as a large group of soldiers visited a scenic outlook overlooking modern Jerusalem and the Old City.


The attack took place just few blocks away from the US Consulate, though the new Trump administration has said it would move the embassy to Jerusalem.

Israeli PM, Benjamin Netayanhu in a statement after the attack wrote;

According to all the signs [the attacker] was a supporter of the Islamic State. We in Jerusalem have just experience an unprovoked terrorist attack, a murderous attack that claimed the lives of four young Israelis and wounded others.

This is part of the same pattern inspired by Islamic State, by Isis, that we saw first in France, then in Germany and now in Jerusalem.

Palestinian media reported that the attacker was a 20 year old married man, Fadi al-Qanbar, who has also served time in an Israeli Prison.

He was shot dead by other soldiers and tour guide as he reversed towards the dead and injured. 


A gunman is now in police custody after killing 5 people and injuring 6 others at the  Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport, Florida. The shooting happened in the baggage area of the Terminal 2, and the shooter did not breach the TSA secured area of the terminal.


The shooting happened at around 12:55pm on Friday.

Broward County’s Sheriff said the gunman is a lone shooter, and was quickly arrested and in police custody at the time of writing. 

According to the FAA, Authorities have cleared the terminal of gate D4 and D5, located at the north of the airport, they have also closed the lower level between terminal 2 and 3. Terminal 2 is also closed.

All services have been temporarily suspended and all these terminals are closed, and all roadways leading to the terminals are also closed.

Airport employees and hundred of passengers were all cleared out from the area, and escorted into the tarmac.

All flights scheduled to land at the airport, are still allowed to land, and are not diverted. Extra precaution and security measures have been put in place, but all operations are back to normal.

Travellers have been advised to contact their airline before going to the airport.


Police in Melbourne have thwarted a planned Christmas terror attack in Melbourne. The suspected terrorist had planned to use guns, knives and also suicide bombers for the attack on Christmas day in the city.

Police have arrested a Abdullah Chaarani, and have denied bail for the terror suspect. He is expected to be back in court in April.


                    Police stand outside Melbourne magistrate court: Picture: David Caird

The attack was planned to happen on city landmarks including Federation Square and Flinders Street Station. Six men between the ages of 20-25 were arrested and a woman. A 20 year old man and another 26 years old woman have been released without charge.

In a statement released by the Victoria Police Multi-faith Council, and provided by the police, The group said the groups were;

United in our shock and condemnation of the alleged planned terrorist acts in the Melbourne CBD.These alleged acts were not acts of faith, ethnicity or culture,” the group said, in a statement provided by Victoria Police.

They were opposed to the principles of all religions. They were alleged acts of criminality that do not reflect the harmonious values we collectively strive to promote.We stand together for cohesion and harmony and are confident that Victoria’s multicultural and diverse community will unite in the face of these challenges in a positive and peaceful way.

Anything that disrupts our unity only gives strength to those who try to divide us and as such, acts of racism or victimisation will not be tolerated.

The suspects are reported to be connected to an Islamic terrorist group, ISIS, and will appear in court soon.

According to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull;

This is one of the most substantial terrorist plots [to] have been disrupted over the last several years. This news will be of great concern to all Australians. We congregate in public places for Christmas, for New Year’s Eve. It is a time of happiness and joy.

These terrorists sought to disrupt it. They have been thwarted.



World most wanted man, Anis Amir, suspected of killing 12 people in the Berlin Christmas market attack has been killed in Milan. Amir was killed in a shootout involving the Italian security forces.

According to the Italian interior minister, Marco Minniti, in a news conference, said that the Berlin Christmas market attacker has been shot dead. At 3am in Milan, during one of the patrol routine, one of the officers on patrol sees a man that looks like the suspect and stopped him to ask for his ID.


The man realising he has been caught pulled out his gun and shot at the police, prompting other officers to jump into action. The officers shot is currently recovering, but the suspect was shot and killed.

The interior minister confirmed and said;

  The person who was killed, there is no doubt that he is Anis Amri.

 Marco Minniti also praised the officer that was shot, Christian Movio, and other officers on patrol. He thanks that officer on behalf of Italy and the entire ministry.

He was the most wanted man in Europe and we immediately identified him and neutralised him. This means our security is working really well.

We have let the German federal prosecutor’s office know. We have told their police force and authorities.


These people in our police force are exceptional.