Vladmir putin

Russia president, Vladmir Putin has announced he will be running for re-election again in the 2018 National election. Putin has been in power since 2000, either as Prime Minister or President, and if he wins the 2018 election, he will serve the country till 2024.


President Putin announced his candidacy at a car factory in the Volga city of Nizhny Novgorod, and according to recent polls, Mr Putin stands to win the election than the Russian TV journalist Ksenia Sobchak who intends to run against the incumbent government.

Putin is seen as a leader that has restored Russia glory and global standing, especially with the military, while opponents have seen him as a harbinger of massive corruption in Russia.



Donald Trump is meeting with other 20 world leaders at the G20 summit, but his travelling team had problems booking a hotel for him in Hamburg as his travelling staff took a long time to book him a hotel, and all major hotels in Hamburg were reportedly booked.


The president, who also a hotel chain owner don't have one of his properties at the northen German city, and the four seasons was already booked by King Salman of Saudi Arabia and his entourage.

The Russian President Vladmir Putin is staying at Park Hyatt and German Chancellor Angela Merkel with stay with India and Canada at the Atlantic Kempinski camp.

Since there is no major place left for Donald Trump, the Hamburg Senate House will host the President, while his team will stay at the US Consulate.


A new report by the British Intelligence community revealed that Russian President, Vladmir Putin allegedly ordered the killing of Alexander Perepilichnyy, a financier,  who exposed a lot of financial crimes by the Russian government.

Perepilichnyy was found dead outside his Surrey apartment in the UK in 2012, shortly after returning from Paris in 2012. The British investigator found a fatal plant poison in his stomach, but insisted there was no foul play in his death.


Theresa May's government later told investigators to withhold inquest into the cause of his death, as the government invoked its national security powers.

According to Buzzfeed, who later revealed how Perepilichnyy spent his last days in Paris in 2012, it reveals new evidence that was knowingly sidelined by authorities, secret documents and interviews with dozen current and former intelligence and law enforcement officials in the US, France, and the UK. They revealed;

  • US spies said they have passed MI6 high-grade intelligence indicating that Perepilichnyy was likely "assassinated on direct orders from Putin or people close to him” and lambasted the British police for their “botched” investigation.
  • A highly classified report on Russian state assassinations compiled for the US Congress by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence last year asserts with “high confidence” that Perepilichnyy’s murder was sanctioned by Putin, Russia's president.
  • French police are treating the financier’s death as a suspected organised assassination – but say they have been repeatedly stonewalled by their British counterparts.
  • Perepilichnyy travelled to Paris before his death for a secret assignation with a 22-year-old Ukrainian woman named Elmira Medynska, who gave an exclusive interview to BuzzFeed News, but who British and French police never spoke to.

For more on this news, go to Buzzfeed

Police have arrested Mr Putin critic, Alexei Navalny ahead of his Anti-Kremlin nationwide protest in Moscow. The news was confirmed by Mr Navalny wife, Yulia, who confirmed that Alexei was picked up by security operatives just 1 hour before the protest.


                                 Alexei Nivalny (dressed in blue shirt) taken away by Russian police


She wrote on social media;

Alexei was detained in the entrance hall of our building,He asked me to tell you that the plans (for the protest) are unchanged.

According to Reuters, witnesses said they saw police car leaving Mr Navalny apartment, and was later followed by a minibus that was filled up by almost 10 policemen. The live feed that was transmitting from Nivalny office was also shut down after the electricity to the building was cut off.

Mr Nivalny is protesting against corruption of the Russian government. 

He has now announced he will be running for Russian presidency come 2018. In March, Nivalny was jailed for 15 days after his March protest, and he April, he suffered damage to one eye, after he was attacked and the attacker poured green antiseptic liquid into his eyes.


Vladmir Putin is not getting love from the Russians after several hundreds in Moscow protested today, asking him to leave office. The same protest also happened in other cities in Russia.

Putin has been the leader of Russia for 17 years, and have seemed to enjoy high popularity among his own base in Russia. He is yet to announce if he would be contesting the March 2018 election, but there are high speculations he would run again for the presidency come 2018.


Putin opposition is Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once one of Russia richest men, but  was jailed on the account of fraud, and spent a decade in prison, but was only released in 2013.

Though the protest was a peaceful protest, the police were not willing to take chances as more than 30 police buses and coaches were filled with riot police to see to calmness among the protesters, and more than 100 people were arrested.



Russia is reported to be meddling with the French election, just like it did with the US election. US Senate Intelligence chief, Senator Richard Burr reveal the latest attack by the Putin government, who has been strongly tied with meddling with the election that made Donald Trump the US president.


Richard said;

What we might assess was a very covert effort in 2016 in the United States, is a very overt effort, as well as covert, in Germany and France. I remind you that we're within 30 days of the first French election, with four candidates. It will go down to two candidates with a runoff in May.

I think it's safe by everybody's judgment that the Russians are actively involved in the French elections.

So we feel part of our responsibility is to educate the rest of the world about what's going on, because it's now into character assassination of candidates.

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A Blogger and possible top contender of Vladmir Putin, Alexei Navalny has been jailed. Alexei rose to prominence in 2007, after a detailed exposure of corruption of Kremlin top officials, and also released secret files that questions government deals.


He had led numerous protests against Putin's government, accusing them of corruption. In 2012, he was arrested for embezzlement and was sent to 5 years in prison for 5 years, but was released after a day.

He announced he will be running for President in 2016, and after was arrested again for the embezzlement, and was found guilty, a verdict that automatically stops him from running for the political office, but Alexie said he would still campaign.

In a recent protest in Russia, Nivalny who led the campaign was arrested and sent to 15 days in Jail.


The Russian ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin, 64, is dead. It was reported that the ambassador who had represented the country since 2006 died suddenly while in New York on Monday, a day to is 65th birthday.


He suffered from a cardiac arrest while at the Russian Mission on East 67th Street. He was taken to the New York's Presbyterian Hospital, where he was then pronounced dead.

President Putin has offered his condolences to the family of Churkin, he said;

He was an outstanding person. He was brilliant, bright, a great diplomat of our age

Also former US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power wrote;

Devastated by passing of Russian UN Amb Vitaly Churkin.Diplomatic maestro &deeply caring man who did all he cld to bridge US-RUS differences.



Russia President Vlamdmir Putin has sent his condolences to the Turkish army after an airstrike killed 3 Turkish soldiers.

The airstrike had hit a building near the town of al-Bab, believed to contain ISIS operatives, but instead contains Turkish troops. The friendly fire also injured eleven others.


The Turkish troops were reported to be helping a Syrian rebel that is fighting to capture al-Bab from ISIS fighters. Both the Turkish and Russian have both been helping the Syrians capture most of their towns from ISIS rebels and fighters, and have both been conducting air strikes on ISIS fighters.

Vladmir Putin in a phone conversation with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan  "expressed condolences over a tragic incident which resulted in the deaths of several Turkish troops in the al-Bab area"

Putin also said that poor communication between Moscow and Ankara was said to have caused the loss of the troops, Putin said.

Both sides have also promised to start an investigation into the issue.


The different sanctions on Russia put in place by the past administration of President Obama may be removed after a call between the new Trump administration and Vladmir Putin.

Donald Trump during his different campaign has said that he looks to working with the Russia government to fight international terrorism and also to boost economic ties between the two countries.


According to the Kremlin, the call between the two leaders was "positive" as both leaders discussed about the conflict in Ukraine, the peace effort between the Israelis and Palestinians, the Iran nuclear deal and the threat from the North Korea leader.

Russia President also said that the two leaders have expressed a "willingness to work actively together to stabilize and develop Russian-American cooperation on a constructive basis, as equals, and to mutual benefit," and the top priority would be to fight international terrorism.

The Kremlin also added that Donald Trump is also looking to meet with Putin soon.

The relation between the US and Russia reached all time low after Russia invaded the Ukraine's Crimean peninsula in 2014, and was also sanctioned by the European Union. The relation did not improve after the Obama administration said that Russia interfered with the election that elected Donald Trump by publishing different fake news to misinform the candidate about the Democratic candidate,Hillary Clinton.