1,200 New Settlers In West Bank To Be Approved By Israel

While the UN and countries debate peace between Israel and Palestines, Israel is no longer waiting for validation or approval from any country or group, but will continue to approve new settler's home in West Bank.

The country's defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman has said that the construction for the new approval should go on after peace talks between the 2 countries had been halted since 2014.

Palestinians had wanted to get back the West Bank, Gaza strip and East Jerusalem, after Israel took charge of these places during the 1967 six day war. Palestinians had planned to use West Bank as a future state. Though in the past, while Israel tries to give Gaza strip to the Palestinians, it was immediately turned into a hotbed for terrorism, and a location to bomb Israel.

Israeli authorities will approve around 1,250 housing units to begin construction and another 2,500 units to be done in another 20 settlements across Israel. The Palestinians authorities are yet to respond to the new approvals in the West Bank.

The peace talk between the two countries hit a ditch in the past month after the new US President, Donald Trump said that the country will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, something that sparked outrage in different part part of the Muslim world.