44-Year Muslim Man Abduct Christian Girl Arzoo Raja, 13 And Force Her To Marry HIm

A Pakistani man has caused outrage after he abducted a 13-year old Arzoo Raja, forced her to convert to Islam, and then marry him. She was taken from her home in Karachi on October, 13 and days later, the man allegedly forged a document that shows Raja was already 18 and marry her. In what has now led to a protest in Lahore and Karachi, the court in Pakistani upheld the marriage after the man claimed she had converted to Islam based on her free will.


During the court hearing, young Raja wanted to run and meet her mother, but the husband held her in a tight grip from leaving. The husband has also changed the name of Raja to Arzoo Fatima. The husband showed the court the young girl is 18, even when the parent showed her birth certificate showing she is only 13 years old.\

Raja parents have now lost their jobs and also getting threatened since the kidnapping of their daughter.