Arzoo Raja

A Pakistani man has caused outrage after he abducted a 13-year old Arzoo Raja, forced her to convert to Islam, and then marry him. She was taken from her home in Karachi on October, 13 and days later, the man allegedly forged a document that shows Raja was already 18 and marry her. In what has now led to a protest in Lahore and Karachi, the court in Pakistani upheld the marriage after the man claimed she had converted to Islam based on her free will.


During the court hearing, young Raja wanted to run and meet her mother, but the husband held her in a tight grip from leaving. The husband has also changed the name of Raja to Arzoo Fatima. The husband showed the court the young girl is 18, even when the parent showed her birth certificate showing she is only 13 years old.\

Raja parents have now lost their jobs and also getting threatened since the kidnapping of their daughter.


A former school aide and coach in Maryland has been arrested for assaulting a 42 young boys between the ages of 11-17 years old, and also exposed them to HIV.

Carlos Bell, 30, has now been indicted for 206 count charges by the State’s Attorney’s Office, and all his assaults happened in the past 2 years.


The teacher worked at the Benjamin Stoddert Middle School as an instructional assistant and track coach at La Plata High School. 

Police started investigating Bell in December after a parent found an inappropriate message on his child cell phone. A search on Bell's computer showed different child porn images, and one showed him having sex with a student in Benjamin Stoddert Middle School.

Carlos has told police he was HIV positive, and has been so for 2 years. If convicted, Bell faces life in prison.


The police have arrested Erin McAuliffe, 25, a Maths teacher at the Rocky Mount Preparatory School,NC, USA. Erin was reported by the school authorities after they had a suspicion she had been sleeping with some students in the school.

She has now been charged with three counts of  sexual activity with a student and one count of indecent liberties with a minor. The students she was sleeping with was 17years old, and two were only 16.


                                        Erin McAuliffe. Credit: Facebook

The students have also confirmed that the sex took place off the school campus.

Speaking on the incident, the spokesperson for Rocky Mount Preparatory School released a statement that reads;

We have been fully cooperative with local law enforcement during the course of their handling of this matter.

The statement also reads that Erin was fired immediately when they found out about her sexual activity.

The case of teachers sleeping with students his now a major issue in most US schools.


Dov Katz, 38, a Senior Engineer working for Facebook was arrested by an undercover detective with the Tukwila Police Department after soliciting sex with a 15 year old girl. Katz was arrested in December 21 near Seattle.


Dov Katz is the head of computer vision at Oculus, a company now owned by social media giant, Facebook. He played a leading role in the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset that was released this March. 

He had asked to meet the fake 15 year old girl at Embassy suites in Tukwila, and have sex without condom for $360. He had come to the hotel with $600 when he was arrested. He told the police he had only come to the hotel to rescue the girl at the time of the arrest.

Dov Katz has now been charged in King County for attempted commercial sexual abuse of a minor, and will not to have contact with a minor except in the presence of a responsible adult.

The Israeli citizen will be arraigned in court in January 5, and have his bail set at $125,000.




A notorious UK Paedophile, James King has committed suicide while in prison as he feared fellow inmates would 'sugared' – doused with a sugar and hot water solution which causes painful burns, the court heard.

James King, who was also known as Robin Hollyson had served four months into his 24 year sentence after a video of him raping a 3-month old baby appeared in court. 


He was recently rushed to Southmead Hospital in the city after he was found unconscious in his cell, he then died two days later.

Though two suicide notes were found at the scene of the incidents, but there were suspicions after his cellmate, Cona Ellis, was seen covered with blood and also was caught wearing King's watch.

During the jury inquest,a fellow prisoner, John Denham said that inmates have taken out"contracts" to hurt King, and some are contemplating to give him a black eye or two.

According to King's mother, Deborah Wyatt, who gave a statement about his son, who was also a former IT worker, said that James was facing verbal bullying from inmates and said he feared he will be "sugared"

James King was one of the men caught distributing videos and pictures of them having sex with young babies and abusing them.

After four hours of deliberation the jury recorded a verdict of suicide.



Kay Hollingsworth, 30, an award winning and primary school teacher have now been suspended after the mother of a 11 year old boy saw her flirty messages to her via Instagram. Kay has asked that the young child imagine her naked as she was about to enter the bathroom, she also told him that she was single, and ready to mingle.


In series of messages she had sent to the boy, Kay wrote; "About to have a shower mental image for you lol. Bk in a min x" and later sent another message, "U probs distracted thinking about how fabulous I am (jokes)."

Then she later wrote, Going to bed now dimples xx" and "Should I delete our convo in case someone sees it?"

Kay was also caught sending messages to a year six student, and to another girl she used to teach at Notley Green Primary School in Essex.

Speaking about the incident outside their Braintree home, Kay's father, said that she is "remorseful" for the act and she won't be returning to her career in teaching.

Past Act

In Nov.2014, Kay was ask to "de-friend" her current and past students after a mother of one of her female pupils called about the conversation she was having with the young girl. Kay was talking about getting in the shower and her past breakup with a lover.

Then in January, 2015, another parent of a year 6 students went to the school to report Kay's conversation with their child via Instagram. 


Kay Hollingsworth agreed that the message was inappropriate and included sexual references, and also said she was the person that instigated the conversation. While investigating the case, it was later revealed that the teacher also had another conversation with another male pupil of the school.

She was initially suspended when the allegation was first made, but in May last year, she was sacked on gross misconduct charges.



Richard Huckle, 30 year old, British citizen from Ashford in Kent is facing 71 count charges after he was believed to have abused up to 200 children, aged between six months and 12 years. He carried out the act between 2006-2014.

Huckle, a Christian had travelled to Malaysia for a teaching gap year when he was between 18 and 19 years old. While he Malaysia, Huckle was reported to have abused more than 23 children in a poor community in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Huckle, who seems to be enjoying the barbaric act, wrote a manual for other paedophiles and it was called; "Paedophiles And Poverty: Child Lover Guide", a book where he wrote the details of his sex acts and rapes.

Investigators also uncovered more than 20,000 photos and videos he took while abusing the children, and they were all stored on his computer. He was ready to publish the book on the dark web, encrypted it for his other paedophiles.

In one of the charge, Huckle had said "I'd hit the jackpot, a 3yo girl as loyal to me as my dog and nobody seemed to care."

Huckle explores the vulnerability of the poor kids, he will feed them, take them out, teach them English, and later gained their trust, and that of their parents. Huckle was also teaching English, and according to one of his victims, Huckle took a picture of her while she was naked.

How The Men Were Arrested

Police in Australia and Europe were awared of the website, Love Zone, hidden in the dark web. The website was protected by passwords, encryption and other specialist software, and users on this websites were totally anonymous.

Images and videos on this website were very disturbing, and members had to post regularly to remain on the website. 

The Task force Argos in Australia have noticed that the administrator of this website uses a particular greeeting "Hiyas". After a long time of searching for forums on the open internet and other social media websites, the task force found a Facebook user with the same greeting.

Although the Facebook page was fake, the officer noticed a vehicle in one of the images posted by the man, who was later identified as Shannon McCoole, a child care worker in Adelaide, Australia.

When officers ran through his door, the man was at the time running the website. 

In the many pictures posted by McCoole, officers had noticed a freckle on one of his fingers, so when they apprehended the man in his house, they took a detailed photograph of the hands, and saw that it matches the same hand in the pictures posted on the website.

Last year, the man with freckles and "Hiyas" was sent to spend 35 years in prison.

Huckle Arrest

When McCoole was arrested, the task force took charge of the website on the dark web, and noticed that one of the users who stood out from the thousands of users is Huckle.

After monitoring his postings, and compare to other social media activities, the task force was able to identify the man behind the computer.

Officers later get to know that Huckle would be travelling to the UK for Christmas in 2014, and that was when the Britain's National Crime Agency were tipped off about his visit.

As he landed at Gatwick international airport, he was welcomed by men from the NCA's Child Exploitation and Online Protection command. On his computer, officers found obscene videos and images.



Indonesia has finally signed the new law that will allow convicted child rapists to have micro-chips implanted into them so they can be monitored at all times. The new law also allows for paedophiles and child rapists to be chemically castrated.

The Indonesian president has approved the new law to protect children and stop rapists from committing sex crime against children. Also, heavier jail times will be given to any child rapist caught in the act.


The new law was put into place after the murder and gang-rape of a 14-year old in Sumatra in April. Activist call for more punishment to be given to convicted child rapist.

According to Niam Sholeh, Head of child rights group the National Commission for Child Protection; 

The microchip will be fitted before the criminals are released from prison, and is needed to monitor and locate them after they are freed.The decree could be signed in the coming days. Chemical castration and heavier jail terms for child rapists are also among new measures that could be introduced.

The existing law for rapists in Indonesia is 15 years.



Vietnam: Police have arrested a school principal, Nguyen Van Toan, 46,  in Bac Lieu Province after video evidence showed him molesting seven students studying in his school. According to police, Toan was arrested after two parents reported the incidents.


                            School where principal was alleged to have molested its students. Photo: Tran Thanh Phong

On one of the videos obtained by police, Toan was seen pulling the 11 year old into the toilet, and when she tries to run, he pulled her back, and held her tightly, then touching her inappropriately.

One parent of the victim said her daughter was molested on April 25, and had the incident had affected the girl; "She seems worried all the time and stays away from everyone.”

Police have said that Toan will be held for 3-months.

The victim's mother said that though people from Toan's family have come around to apologise for his act, but they are not going to forgive such act.


A 4-year old girl (Name withheld)recently narrated how she was molested and raped by one Elias Oyeke, a 42 years old man and Proprietor of Victory International School, Mararaba, Nasarawa State. The young, traumatized girl gave an account of how Elias take her to some room, pour some white liquid on her body part, cover his mouth to have his way.


The mother amidst tears, said that when she checked her daughter part, it looks like nothing was there anymore. 

Watch the heart wrenching video here: