9 Things You Do That Chases Men Away

Relationship they say takes time to grow between 2 people, but after a date or meeting, some ladies are surprised why their dates never checked back on them again, and probably don't know what went wrong. Some ladies are still single, and still don't know why.

In this article, we write on singles dating tips for ladies that would help them in their next date/relationship, and maybe help ladies get married soon. According to 2 relationship experts, Laura Yates and Genevieve Zawada, some of these mistakes can be rectified.


Read the summary of Dating Tips That Could Help Your Relationship :

Being Over-Jealous: One of the reason men won't be staying with you for long is because of your insecurities, it is human to be jealous, not able to control your jealousy tells the man you are lacking inner confidence, and the truth is, most men love women who have self-confidence, and secure in themselves.

When he plans to go out with the boys, let him have a boy's night out, and don't show too much you jealous.

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Too Many Texts: While there are lots of free text messages apps that, would you let you send free SMS for little or no cost, it will be ideal if you keep the rate of text messages to yourself. I have personally heard a lot of girls feeling worried over their boyfriend not replying a text message they send during working hours, because they believe he should be able to spare some personal time in replying to them.

The truth is, unlike the ladies, most men are not good with sending SMS, and sending too many text messages, it shows a sense of neediness, and you have too much time on your hands. So keep the text messages short and send only when important.

Gossiping About Your Friends: Telling your man about your friends is ok, but saying bad things about them, might soon cause you the relationship. when you speak ill of your friends, it conveys insecurity, and might start sending wrong signal to your man.

You can't be the angel within your circle of friends. Remember the saying " Birds of the same feather, flies together.

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The Drama Queen: Unless you are an actress, nobody likes a drama queen that reacts over sensitive all the time, it pisses men off, when there is something you could both talk together while having lunch, you have already turn away the lunch table and everybody looking at you are now with their camera phone.

Don't create drama for no reason, know when to be a "Solange" and also know when to be a Beyonce .... (You see what i did there, Tongue Out)


No Pressure : The truth is a lot of men that are dating knows that one day, they will get married and have their own family, even though the society says that women don't have time on their hands, that's ok, but don't try to pressure your man into marriage commitment so fast. Let it happen naturally. If you are the good one, he will personally make it happen, and before you say it, is friends are already doing it for you, like i said, if you are the "Best One", don't get it twisted.

If you are putting pressure on him, most men will run away so far, you will think they are being pursued by lions. Before you even pressure your man, what is your plan, what are you bring to the table?

Being Too Bossy:Trying to call his every move, what he wears, how much he spends in a month, who he should talk to, and who he should ignore, if he should use Newegg and not Walmart, how he must stand and not bend.

Well, Ms Bossy, you are about to be single, before you blink, trust me. Don't be their manager, because the truth is you can't change men in few days, and don't try changing them at all.

If you feel you need to change a man to your own personal taste, the truth is, you are with the wrong man.

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Expecting The Man To Pay For Everything : I have said this before in one of my articles, letting a man pay for everything you will both enjoy makes you look like a cheap bastardSealed. If you are going on a date, try offering to pay, but of course, he will pay, trying to pay make him feel you not cheap. Offer to share the bills sometimes, don't try to see if he is rich after you have been together for 6 months.. 

Don't let him feel you are only good for his money.

You Method Of Reasoning : Most men love when they are with a lady that can contribute meaningful thoughts to a relationship. When your man sees that you always talk dumb, and not bring intelligent thought to the table, he sidelines you from better convo, because he is sure you are going to bring in "Baby ideas"

Think like a woman, don't rely on your beauty, men with dreams, don't look at looks, they will drop you, and get someone of their league.

Baby Voice: Ladies think they are sexy, the truth is, it makes most men uncomfortable. You are a grown woman, talk like it, and even when you want to do it, maybe one in 6 months. Don't make it an habit. It is irritating.