Alexei Navalny Arrested After Call For Election Boycotts

Many Russians protesters despite the frigid weather on Sunday turned up en masse to support opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was also arrested when he was walking to the demonstration in Moscow.

Alexei was wrestled to the ground as he makes his way to the Moscow demonstration to join the other protesters who had come out to support his call for the Russia election boycott. He is one of the top rival of President Vladmir Putin at the moment, and seems to want to stop the Russia president from his fourth term Presidential agenda.


Alexei is not currently permitted to run for the office of the highest office in Russia after an embezzlement conviction, a case which he believed was politically motivated. 

After he was detained on Sunday, he later tweeted to his supporters that he had been released in late Sunday evening before a trial, and the Russian police have said that he would likely be charged with a public-order violation for calling unauthorized demonstrations.