American Tourist Gave Nazi Salute In Germany,So A Stranger Beat Him Up

A child that is not well-trained from home by the parents will definitely learn the lesson the hard way from strangers in the public. This is the story of an American tourist that travelled up to Germany, only to give the Nazi salute outside a cafe in Dresden, and was beaten up by a passer-by. The police also confirmed the report on Sunday.


According to the police, the tourist had left a cafe called Europe in the Neustadt district of Dresden, a popular student meeting spot, and liberal part of town.

The man who seems to be drunk, identified as 41-year-old American suffered minor injuries, while the stranger who beat him up fled the scene.

The police are now looking for the stranger for causing personal injury, while the American tourist is under investigation for violating German laws that prohibit Nazi symbols in the country.

Though there has been a fascination from Americans about the Nazi salute, and praises to Adolf Hitler by White supremacist, the Nazi salute - a right arm raised, and palm down as a devotion to Adolf Hitler can carry a prison sentence of 3 years, though German courts often give a fine instead.