Benjamin Netanyahu Vows Israeli Settlements Will Never Be Removed West Bank

"We are here to stay, forever," is the vow prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making with Israelis at the celebration of the 50th anniversary that Israel occupied the West Bank. The prime minister said that he will not evacuate the people at the West Bank settlements.


Netanyahu said;

We are here to stay, forever. There will be no more uprooting of settlements in the land of Israel. It has been proven that it does not help peace.

We've uprooted settlements. What did we get? We received missiles. It will not happen anymore. And there's another reasons that we will look after this place, because it looks after us. In light of everything that is occurring around us, we can just imagine the result.

So we will not fold. We are guarding Samaria against those who want to uproot us. We will deepen our roots, build, strengthen and settle," he said, using the Jewish name for part of the West Bank.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has made a similar pledge during a press conference with Israeli reporters in January 2014, after a meeting with the then U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Davos, Switzerland.

The days of bulldozers uprooting Jews are behind us, not ahead of us.

The Israeli-Palestinian core issues is the settlements. While Israeli takes over different sections of the settlements, despite warning from the UN, Palestinians are hoping that the Trump administration will support the creation of a Palestinian state.

Most countries have alleged that the settlements going on in Israel are illegal, and would be an obstacle to peace in the region. Israel disagrees and instead cites historical,biblical to the land, also claimed by the Palestinians.