Did Vine reduce Keek popularity?

Keek was an application that spread like wildfire when it was out with over 58 million users. We did a blog on keek(Read here) on it's addiction to a lot of users especially on twitter. Keek was like one on one social media platform for a lot of people to express themselves and talk about what they currently doing. It was fun watching the keek of it's users.

Until January 2013 that a new app on mobile was released called Vine. Vine was owned by the social media giant, Twitter. Since the launching of the Vine app that only allows 6 seconds of video recording from users, i can confirm that I am yet to see a keek video on twitter like I do years ago. I am beginning to think only "keekers" do see their own video and i have not seen friends talking about keek now, instead they have been talking about revining videos or vine this, vine that.

Even though Vine is more like random videos and funny videos that goes along with your 140 character on twitter.

So are you still using keek, is it still popular among your friends? Have you switched to Vine from keek?

hich app do you prefer?


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