The Disgraceful Structure Of Nigeria Army Barrack In Effurun, Warri

Warri, Nigeria: The Nigerian pubic offices are well known for non-maintenance and that is the reason most Nigeria infrastructures are always damaged after a period of 5 years. Recently a photo was shared on Linda Ikeji blog platform, showing the bad infrastructure of the Nigeria army building after what looks like a heavy downpour.


The Nigeria army has been helping fighting Boko Haram, and protecting the sovereignty of their country, Nigeria. And after a long fight, it is sad to see that this is what the Nigerian army comes back to, this is where they have to come and lay their hands, in the hand of mosquitoes and bad building infrastructure.


The picture you are seeing now is the image of the Army Barracks in Effurun, Warri. We hope the current government can see this and help our gallant army troops in Warri fix the bad structure of their building and a good drainage system.