On-duty NYPD Officers Arrest 18-Year Old, Handcuffed Her, Took Her To A Spot And Rape Her

New York Police internal affairs department is conducting an investigationis into some members of the Brooklyn South narcotics, after an allegation of rape by 18 years old, who said that On-duty NYPD officers raped her.

The two police officers involved have now been stripped of their badges and guns while the NYPD Internal Affairs’ Bureau’s investigate the allegations. The 18-year old girl said that police pull her car over while driving with two friends along the Coney Island area of New York.


She said she was pulled over by the policemen on the suspicion of possessing illegal substances. 

According to her Attorney, Michael David, she was arrested by the policemen and later driven to a secluded place, and ask that the girl perform sex acts on them. 

The police officers did not deny the sexual act, but claimed it was consensual.