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Lagos, Nigeria: Police in Lagos have arrested a student of UNILAG that was initially accused of raping a student, after he decided to rape another student. The news of the arrest was shared on Twitter after the alleged rapist committed after deflowering a virgin, went at it again to rape another lady before he was arrested and identified.


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Ayanna Jackson, the lady that accused later rapper Tupac of rape is finally speaking for the first time about what exactly happened that day that sent the rapper to prison. 

Ayanna talked about the assault, and claimed the rapper 2pac forced her into group sex with his friend, despite all her telling him No, and she is not interested in the act by the rapper.


While Ayanna continues to talk about the rape case, 2pac  denied the rape charges till his death.

Tupac was sent to prison on first-degree sexual abuse and was sentenced to 1.5 to 4.5 years, but was released after 9months

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Abuja, Nigeria: A brave Nigerian lady  @MissyAyom on Twitter have just accused a man that goes by the name of AbdulAzeez Yusuf, alias are "Ozeal or Charles", staying in Abuja of assault and rape. 


                                                                    AbdulAzeez Yusuf image

According to the story shared on social media, the ladies first tweeted a warning to girls staying in Abuja and environs to be careful of the young man, who seems to be a serial rapist, because after the lady tweeted the details, several other girls and some other reports have confirmed the story.


                                                           AbdulAzeez Yusuf image

Carefully read the story as shared by @MissyAyom



The victim of this horrendous rape has ever since blame her self for the rape, but has since said that she feels better sharing her story and hope the story will help other girls to survive the alleged rapist Ozeal and hopefully he is arrested to face justice. 

She tweeted;

She also revealed that several other women had come forward and sent her series of messages of the same fate they had suffered with the accused, Ozeal. Many said that he is notorious for not only raping women, but also stealing from these women that fall victim.

Another twitter account @LazyWrita later confirmed the story of @MissyAyom, and said that AbdulAzeez allegedly raped 2 of his friends, and because the first one was scared to talk about his rape, the second friend fell victim after some time too, read his full tweets below;




These are some pictures of the different pain AbdulAzeez Yusuf caused the lady, here are some of the images she shared;


                          She captioned it "Marks of his hands where he strangled me."


      She captioned it "My eyes where he hit me.  He told me he doesn't joke with girls, that he deals with them mercilessly."



If you know the accused, Abdulazeez Yusf, alias Ozeal, and if he intends to write a response to the allegations, please write a comment below, or send us a message via the contact section


New York Police internal affairs department is conducting an investigationis into some members of the Brooklyn South narcotics, after an allegation of rape by 18 years old, who said that On-duty NYPD officers raped her.

The two police officers involved have now been stripped of their badges and guns while the NYPD Internal Affairs’ Bureau’s investigate the allegations. The 18-year old girl said that police pull her car over while driving with two friends along the Coney Island area of New York.


She said she was pulled over by the policemen on the suspicion of possessing illegal substances. 

According to her Attorney, Michael David, she was arrested by the policemen and later driven to a secluded place, and ask that the girl perform sex acts on them. 

The police officers did not deny the sexual act, but claimed it was consensual.


India: One thing the world has come to recognise India for in the past few years is not about their revolutionary leader, Mahatma Gandhi, but instead of sexual assaults and brutal rape of both Indian women and tourist coming into the country.

The recent incident that happened includes a bell boy of a hotel in New Delhi and three of his friends for allegedly raping an American tourist that had visited the country.


The 25-year old victim was recently in India to depose before a magistrate court, and also identify the culprit of the incident. 

The four men involved in the rape were arrested after receiving a letter from an NGO on behalf of the victim earlier this month. 

The joint commissioner of Delhi Police, Dependra Pathak, when speaking to Reuter said;

We are interrogating four persons while the fifth accused still has to be identified and arrested," he said, adding in the next day or two the police could parade the accused for identification by the victim, with the court's permission.

According to Pathak, the woman said that five people were involved in raping her. She said that they had offered her water laced with sedatives, and sexually assaulted her on two separate days. She left India without knowing what had happened, until July that she started to remember what had happened to her.

Women on different expats pages have warned friends not to go to India or to not go alone as the city swarms with low life young boys that rapes and sometimes kill their victims. A recent video shared on Facebook recently also shows a small town were people trade erotic videos of rape that happened in India and sell for $2-$3, and share such videos on Whatsapp.



Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam: Police in Ha Tinh province, Central Vietnam have arrested Nguyen Van An, 52, after he allegedly raped a 13 year old girl. According to the police, Van An had offered a lift to the young girl on her way to school, but instead of taking her to school, took her to his house instead.


The young girl was able to escape in the middle of the act, and the man was arrested last Sunday. 

Van An told police he was drunk on the day of the act. 

Raping a girl under 16 in Vietnam is punishable by 15 years in jail or a death sentence for repeat offenders.

Bill Cosby, 78, has been ordered to stand trial on sexual assault charges against him. The actor and comedian was ordered by a US judge after a case was re-opened last year of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand.

A former Temple University employee, Andrea Constand, accused Bill Cosby of drugging and molesting her in his home near Philadelphia in 2004. After the accusation, 40 other women supported her claims. Though a trial date is yet to be set.


                                                            Bill Cosby (L) and Andrea Constand (R)

Bill Cosby maintained that all the encounters he had with the women were consensual.

In a statement from Andrea Constand who now stays in Toronto, Canada, she said she had a panic "I told him, 'I can't talk, Mr Cosby', and described how the once "American dad" sexually molested her after giving her three blue pills. Andrea said the drugs make her dizzy and makes her leg, "like jelly".

In response to the allegation, Bill Cosby said that the lady never asked him to stop during the encounter.

The judge has also ruled that she doesn't have to testify during the trial, and if convicted Bill Cosby might sentenced to 10 year sentence in jail.

Of all the cases of the 40 women that came forward on Bill Cosby sexual assualt, only Andrea's case falls within the statute of limitations for charges.

Andrea said she had seen Bill as a mentor and a friend, and when he was in his house and offered her a glass of wine, she declined because she had not eaten that day, he insisted she drinks anyway, so she took the drink with the pill.

Within 30mins of the drink, she said she had blurred vision, and trouble speaking, but Cosby told her to relax on the couch and relax. 

While she was lying on the couch, she was aware of Mr Cosby touching her breasts and genitals, and making her touch his genitals too. She said she did not consent to the act, as she seem "frozen" and "paralysed"

Bill Cosby and Andrea Constand settled out of court in 2006 for an undisclosed amount, but it was re-opened again last summer.

Police in Delhi have arrested 2 juveniles over the gang raped of a toddler in Nangloi, India. And, in another locale, a 5-year-old was also raped in east Delhi's Anand Vihar area. The 2 victims were in "critical" condition.

In Nangloi, the victim was abducted at the ramlila event near her house by 2 men on the motorbike around 11:30pm when the light went in her area went off, she was later found at a park near her house bleeding profusely.


        The Indian grandmother of a minor girl who was raped joins a demonstration against sexual violemce in New Delhi, on October 17, 2015 (AFP Photo/Chandan Khanna)

She was admitted at the  Sanjay Gandhi Hospital where she was confirmed raped by doctors,  but the bleeding has since been brought under control. According to a statement from the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital medical superintendent Avneendra Prasad, he said;

The two-and-a-half-year-old girl was brought (to the hospital) at 2.30 AM and she was bleeding from her private parts. She was attended to by our doctors. She is now stable and conscious and her bleeding has been brought under control.

The 2 suspects were arrested after investigations.

5-year-old rape

The other incident happened the same night when 3 men gang raped a 5-year-old girl as neighbour took the girl to his place and raped her along with 2 other friends. When neighbours saw her coming from the house of the neighbour soaked with blood, they call the police.

The three accused men have also been arrested.

The Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi and Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung have received a lot of criticism from the incidents, and questions are being asked while the government and the LG could not provide adequate security for women after the horrific Nirbhaya gang rape-and-murder case in December 2012.


A lady has decided to share the story of how she was raped by a guitar player and a friend of his boyfriend. She was raped overnight till the next day, because she was tired and the boy thought she was enjoying the sex..It is horrible, and this like every other rapes affected her. Read the story of these poor lady, and please be careful out there.


Read the Story :

When I was 16, I had had a boyfriend who was five years older than me. We had been together for three months and I was very interested in him and I visited him often in the house, which he lived with two other guys. It was a place that looks rough and old with shower in the basement and was little untidy and grubby, but I do love him and we had sex, which was not so nice to do at home, since i live with my own parents.

We often sat in the kitchen in the evening with his friends and had a good time. We Often played with one of his friends, who played the guitar while we sang. They were all very musical and because singing has always been one of my passions, it was fantastic. I loved being there and felt that I could be myself.

One evening after 8 o'clock, when there were only two of us and a guitar player (my boyfriend's flatmate), My boyfriend told me that i could not sleep with him that night. I wondered why and asked why he had not just said that before the last bus left so I could go home.He said he did not and was sorry, but told me to sleep on a mattress in the guitar player's room. Unfortunately, I could not sleep in the living room, because it was under renovation or the other friend's room, because he had locked his door.

At a time when it was completely dark, I woke up and there was something that touched me between my legs. It was of course the guitar player. I cried, but he lay just heavily over me, held me down and put one hand over my mouth. The other was still between my legs and became more eager and overbearing than before. He told me there was no use crying to alert my boyfriend, so he would remove his hand so he could hear me groan while we have sex.

I cried again and again and tried to get him off me. He was a great man with lots of bulging muscles from lifting weights, so I could not even move him an inch. He just laughed and continued. And my boyfriend did not come, though I certainly must have awakened him with my screams.

Guitar player told me that my boyfriend would not come, because he owed a lot of money in rent. And since he had no money, I was paying for my boyfriend, he told me how he talked all the time about how sweet I was and how good I was in bed, so now, he would rather have me than the money.

I was raped many times that night. Not just at the guitar player's room, but also around the house, as he showers in the basement and on the kitchen table. And I did not hear or see my boyfriend. Finally, I was so exhausted by the fighting that I did not even put up resistance, but just did exactly what guitar player ordered me.

In the morning he fell asleep with an arm and a leg over me. I was crying as quietly as possible, I did not go to wake my boyfriend. I later heard my boyfriend come towards the room and stop at the front door of guitar's player for a long time. He knocked quietly on the door and whispered my name, before he finally gave up and went away to work. I did not call him or cried for help, because I was no longer in doubt that the guitar player had told the truth. It was impossible to sleep through the noise that had been at night.

As a guitar player wakes up, he began again and used various styles this time. I cooperated and pretended I enjoyed it, although it did even more evil than at night. Already there I thought it was my own fault.

In the afternoon, he drove me home and gave me a big handful of bills in his hand and said, the tip for a good sex. He also said that I was welcome at any time, because I was a good and an obedient little whore. And that he would pay me well every time. Then he drove away.

The money I burned in a metal bucket with my T-shirt and panties.

I never returned or confronted my 'boyfriend.' But he came to see me once outside my school and apologized. He explained himself that he had not known what to do at the time. He could not be thrown out because he owed too much money around and could not afford the deposit on a new place. 

And besides, his friend said that I had enjoyed at least,It would have been sad, if i never did.

It took eight years before I again went to bed with a man and many, many more years before I could start to enjoy sex a little bit. 

My first orgasm with a man (since the rape), I experienced only a little over two years ago, when I found a boyfriend who is dominant and who gives me the hard sex that I obviously need now. He is the only one I've told this, although we have hard sex, so he fits at me and gives me lots of love and tenderness.

He has encouraged me to write my story and maybe get some demons out this way. I'm probably as close to happy as I can ever be in a relationship, "said the woman on the website The Everyday Sexism Project , which is a page documenting women and helping women on sex rape or harassment.