Five Ways Men and Women Can Fight Jealousy

Jealousy is not a bad feeling if you know how to control it. However, when it overwhelms one of the partners, their relationship is under threat. Men’s jealousy and women’s jealousy are different in nature. A man is jealous of his woman suspecting her in infidelity (sex here is the main concern) while a woman is jealous mainly of her man’s emotional connection with other women.

Sometimes jealousy can become an obtrusive idea of one of the partners and have a detrimental effect on a relationship. The relationship can be rescued if the party at fault realizes they need to get rid of their jealousy. gained insight into this problem and now offers you possible ways of overcoming jealousy.

In order to fight down one’s feeling, it’s necessary to know its causes.

1.Exaggerated possessiveness.

In this case, you view your partner as an object or possession. His or her actions are always under your control. Any suspicion makes you angry. If you want to overcome this type of jealousy, you need to realize that your partner is not your property and you are two independent people. He or she is free to act at their own discretion and it’s you who decides whether you have a future or it’s better to break up.

2.Lack of confidence.

Your low self-esteem makes you compare yourself with other rivals (usually alleged ones) and your self-analysis makes you think you’re worse than others. This kind of jealousy is typical of those couples where the jealous partner is not as successful, intelligent, or good-looking as his or her significant other. As a result, the jealous partner starts to think that the other partner will find a more compatible substitute. In order to get rid of this type of jealousy, you need to realize why your partner chose you. If you think there is something you need to improve (get a job, lose weight), do it – it can do the trick.


Usually, this cause is accompanied by mistrusting all people in general. These jealous people don’t believe anyone and count only on themselves. Their total mistrust stems from their childhood trauma. In this case, it’s advisable to seek help from a psychotherapist who will help you fight that global distrust.


In this case, some actions and desires that drive a jealous person are ascribed to his or her partner. The one who is jealous often cheats on the other partner or just wants to but can’t do that, nevertheless. This is how the principle of psychological defence works: it’s not that “I want to cheat on you” but that “You want to cheat on me”. The only way to overcome this kind of jealousy is to admit your desires and not to project them on your partner.

5.Lack of attention.

This type of jealousy emerges when the partners communicate very rarely because one of them often stays late at the office. In this case, you feel that your partner doesn’t care about you. In order to fight this feeling, you should talk to your loved one. Explain the cause of your mistrust to your partner and try to spend more time together.