German Chancellor Angela Merkel Visits Trump's White House

The President of the United States, Donald Trump has welcome German Chancellor, Angela Merkel to the White House. The two leaders finally meet after Trump's various accusations towards the Chancellor. Donald has accused Merkel of "ruining" Germany when she allows too many refugees into the country. Trump also said that Germany is using the European Union as a "vehicle" to grow its own economy.


In a joint press conference of the two world leaders, Trump said he had told Merkel that her country and other European nation needs to pay their "fair share" towards the mutual defence effort.

Trump said that the nations must pay what they owe, but he has also pledged continued support for NATO, even though he had called the NATO a place where people just have fun when he was a candidate.

Donald Trump also said both leaders discussed their "workforce development" and "vocational training"

While speaking at the conference, Merkel said that Germany is increasing its own contribution to NATO so as to meet the goal of 2% of gross domestic product.