Angela Merkel

Donald Trump is meeting with other 20 world leaders at the G20 summit, but his travelling team had problems booking a hotel for him in Hamburg as his travelling staff took a long time to book him a hotel, and all major hotels in Hamburg were reportedly booked.


The president, who also a hotel chain owner don't have one of his properties at the northen German city, and the four seasons was already booked by King Salman of Saudi Arabia and his entourage.

The Russian President Vladmir Putin is staying at Park Hyatt and German Chancellor Angela Merkel with stay with India and Canada at the Atlantic Kempinski camp.

Since there is no major place left for Donald Trump, the Hamburg Senate House will host the President, while his team will stay at the US Consulate.


The US president, Donald Trump is ready to go head to head battle to fight the Germans, as he voiced his displeasure during a meeting with the European leaders in Brussels, Belgium. Trump is angry with the German trade surplus, and says;

 “The Germans are evil, very evil.Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US, and we’ll stop that."

EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker who was at the meeting, step up for Germany and said; “free trade is good for all.”


In the report by Süddeutsche Zeitung;

The EU allies were horrified by the willingness of the Americans to view global trade with such a lack of awareness. Trump’s economic consultant Gary Cohn was said to have chided German auto trade during a discussion between the US and Germany and the USA and Belgium. Trump had previously attacked them during another conversation.

Defending Trump's Comment

The White house is defending the Der Spiegel publication about Trump's comment on Germany trade. 

White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn said that Trump's comments were only about trade.

"He said they're very bad on trade but he doesn't have a problem with Germany,” said Cohn. “He said his dad is from Germany. He said, 'I don't have a problem with Germany, I have a problem with German trade.'


The President of the United States, Donald Trump has welcome German Chancellor, Angela Merkel to the White House. The two leaders finally meet after Trump's various accusations towards the Chancellor. Donald has accused Merkel of "ruining" Germany when she allows too many refugees into the country. Trump also said that Germany is using the European Union as a "vehicle" to grow its own economy.


In a joint press conference of the two world leaders, Trump said he had told Merkel that her country and other European nation needs to pay their "fair share" towards the mutual defence effort.

Trump said that the nations must pay what they owe, but he has also pledged continued support for NATO, even though he had called the NATO a place where people just have fun when he was a candidate.

Donald Trump also said both leaders discussed their "workforce development" and "vocational training"

While speaking at the conference, Merkel said that Germany is increasing its own contribution to NATO so as to meet the goal of 2% of gross domestic product.


Angela Merkel sounds to have regretted her decision in allowing million of immigrants from Africa and East Africa into Germany last year, the open border policy has not only affected her popularity among Germans, but also affected her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, after a series of local election results.


The leader told MPs from her party last week;

 The most important thing in the coming months is repatriation, repatriation and once more, repatriation.

The recent slurping poll rating of her party and its coalition partner, the Christian Social Union (CSU), has prompted talk that senior party from the party plans to oust her. 

While the plan is on, the Chancellor announced that she would be running for her fourth term, and she now has a strong stance against immigration as she plans to restore her downfall popularity.

Speaking at a conference of conservative MPs in Neumünster yesterday evening, Merkel revealed she expects 100,000 migrants to leave Germany this week, and a third will be forcibly removed. She also said local authorities should remove asylum seekers after their application is rejected, and they can use force if needed.