"Germans Are Evil" Trumps Says As He Vows To Stop German Cars Sales In The US

The US president, Donald Trump is ready to go head to head battle to fight the Germans, as he voiced his displeasure during a meeting with the European leaders in Brussels, Belgium. Trump is angry with the German trade surplus, and says;

 “The Germans are evil, very evil.Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US, and we’ll stop that."

EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker who was at the meeting, step up for Germany and said; “free trade is good for all.”


In the report by Süddeutsche Zeitung;

The EU allies were horrified by the willingness of the Americans to view global trade with such a lack of awareness. Trump’s economic consultant Gary Cohn was said to have chided German auto trade during a discussion between the US and Germany and the USA and Belgium. Trump had previously attacked them during another conversation.

Defending Trump's Comment

The White house is defending the Der Spiegel publication about Trump's comment on Germany trade. 

White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn said that Trump's comments were only about trade.

"He said they're very bad on trade but he doesn't have a problem with Germany,” said Cohn. “He said his dad is from Germany. He said, 'I don't have a problem with Germany, I have a problem with German trade.'