Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Or CIA Did Not Kill Muammar Gaddafi, I Did

I have read every now and then on how the US state department, led by Hillary Clinton, and the former US President Barack Obama ordered the killing of the Libyan leader, Muammar al-Gaddafi. The comments have always appeared on Twitter and Facebook and most people rejoicing after Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump.

This is not an article to sway your mind away from your beliefs, but instead to show you a new angle of the issue, and how African leaders have not only failed their people with basic human infrastructures, but how they can cowardly leave their allies hanging,and also fail us all.


And before you decide to relieve yourself with a sigh, I should also let you know that, although African leaders might have failed us, but you Libyans, and other African citizens actually killed Muammar al-Gaddafi, and if you had loved him so much as you had always claimed on your social media writing, maybe he would still be alive.

In this age of social media, we can't deny the horrible events that have happened in Syria, after the US claims that the Syrian government is using chemical weapons on his own people, and because of this genocide, the Bashar al-Assad regime was told it will be overthrown by the US government, for a better democratic government that will lead the people of Syria with transparency.

Of course, the world will react, and to make this effective, the media won't stop letting you see dead bodies, and to see reasons why the US need to overthrow Assad government. The same tactics that was used in Iraq to justify waging war against Saddam Hussein that killed him, no WMD was found, and while this article does not justify the genocide committed by the Sadam regime, killing him only turned Iraq into a country nobody wanted to visit anymore.

Now back to our Gaddafi story. A lot of Africans have debated on his plans in making sure he restores Africa to his glory. A lot has praised the man that despite the allegation of corruption levied against him, Libyans were able to afford good meal, and there was work availability.

One of the reasons he was killed was because he was about to create a "Gold-backed currency," a plan that might replace France dominancy in theFrancophone region, and even though there was a French-led U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 creating a no-fly zone over Libya, when it profits the French, they used NATO to topple Gaddafi.

illiteracy And Disloyalty And Greed

Nobody is perfect, and it is no news that Gaddhafi pro outweigh its cons, and most Libyans know that, but when he initiated that he would start getting gold for his oil, insurgents started rising against him in his own home, and this people will go ahead and kill him.

The people of Libyans were covered in their own foolishness, Africans around him will not support him, as they prefer to listen to CNN and read the news on the current situation of Libya. A man that wanted to turn the continent with his pan-Africanism agenda was killed.

Why I am angry with people that keeps screaming Obama and Clinton was because it is high time Africa as a continent stands up for itself now and stop acting as a puppet to Western countries. 

The reasons why there was African-Americans today is because some old senseless men back then decides to exchange their fellow Africans for gunpowders, golden wristwatches, Mirrors and cash. Till this moment, a lot of Africans still blame the Westerners for slavery.

Until people start realising that they hold more power than the government of the day, we will remain the same way, and even they we won't get the masters identification mark as slaves, or whipped to death for disobeying orders, we will still keep getting orders from the masters, maybe this time with a drone over our head.

Africans or the Arab states could have saved Gaddafi if they had risen against the western countries domination in Libya or speak against it. 

In a Youtube video before his death, Gaddafi was speaking to leaders of the Middle-East about how Saddam Hussein was captured, and Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad was smiling when he was criticizing the Americans for invading Iraq on the pretence of WMD, when they were actually trying to cripple the Iraqi government because Hussein was also asking for gold before he could sell them oil.

Why the Obama administration via Clinton might have sponsored the killing of Gaddafi, I believe the illiteracy, disloyalty among his people, the Arab states literally killed him. If they had all stood by him, and reject the brainwashing tactics of the Western power, then some parts of Libya might be destroyed, but Gaddafi will be alive.

Bashar al-Assad government was also about to be crippled recently, but he had most of his people fighting, and with the help of Russians who are now tired of what happened in Libya and Iraq, and decided to stop the re-occurrence again, because the toppling of the government that has been done in the past have only resulted in new terrorist organizations, and more rebel in such country.

The toppling of Sadam Hussein and Gaddafi is the reason for ISIS today, and who is suffering now?  The people of Libya, Iraq, and Syria.

You have probably witnessed the Vietnam war, and heard how Vietnam, a small country with no nuclear power, or best armoury or tanks was able to form resistance against the US government, and people that betrayed the government at the time was either killed or sent out of the country.

At some point, the people decided not to break into North or South Vietnam, but instead One Vietnam, and when US sees they were never going to win, they label the rebels different names, assasinated their character, but they pay no mind, until American soldiers was forced to leave their country.

The unity and oneness of a country/continent is bigger than nuclear power or heavy armours.

Africans won't fight, or speak out on what is right, instead they sell out, and speaks too much of the Queen's English.

Ask yourselves, who are your leaders? Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabe, the man that looks like a walking ghost? or Uganda president that won't leave after 30 years, and turns the position to a kingship, or Yahya Jammeh that won't leave until he was disgraced out of the country, or Nigerian president that came to presidency and put his country into recession.

Africans willneed to fights its own demon, before it can stand shoulder to shoulder or invited to the table of decision, if ever that would ever happen.

Trump Icing On The Cake

The recent US administration led by Donald Trump had said whenever he assumed office, he will make sure to ban refugees from some Muslim countries. Last week, Trump decided to do what he had promised to Americans via one of his executive orders by banning people from  Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia.

Does that country sounds known to you? Iran and Iraq, was destroyed by whom? Syria was destroyed by whom? Libya was destroyed by whom?

I am not asking you not to fight your government or stage a revolution, but think deep about what you are doing, and make sure you are no influenced by external bodies, because when real issues hit the fan, you will have no country to live.

So before you post any new comment criticising the Westerners again like your ancestors have been doing, remember Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Or CIA Did Not Kill Muammar Gaddafi, I Did, and you did.