Illegal Immigrant Raped Step-Daughter So He Could Remain In The US

Authorities in Milwaukee have arrested a 32 year old, Horacio Alvarado, an illegal immigrant staying in the US, and decided to rape his stepdaughter, who at the time of the rape was only 15 years old,  so that if she had a baby, it will allow him to remain in the US.

The man has now been charged with a first-degree sexual assault, and repeated assaults and incest. He is now being held for a $20,000 bail after he pleaded not guilty in a court appearance.


The wife of Alvarado and also the mother of the stepdaugther is also charged with child neglect.

According to the victim, the man would rape her for at least three times in a week, and that continued for another 4 years. He would even sometimes take her to a friend's home or random park where he would have sex with the girl.

When the victim was 17, the mother walked in on her husband sexually molesting the lady, and she did not do anything, instead, she spoke some Spanish words to the husband, and nothing to the girl.

When she got pregnant, she told her mother that Alvarado is the father of the child, and a paternity in 2015 also confirms that he is the father of the child. Earlier this year, both the young girl and Alvarado fought over the custody of the child.

According to court records,  a court commissioner last month entered an interim order that Alvarado should have primary placement, and the mother should a reasonable visitation with the child.

Alvarado will go around with the paternity test like it was  a"get out of jail" card to show immigration police in the case deportation arises. He believed he could use the baby as an anchor-baby to dodge deportation, but the US law does not work like that.