Israeli Forces Shot One Palestinian And Injured Another

A Palestinian boy, Mustafa Nimr from the Dahieh al-Salam neighbourhood in 'Anata town was shot dead by Israeli forces deployed to the Shu’fat refugee camp, northeast of Jerusalem al-Quds. The pair was driving when the Israeli army shot at their car, killing the driver, and injuring his friend who was next to him.


According to residents, there was a gunshot, which was later followed by some shouting from the Israeli troopers. The troopers approached the car, and pull out Mustafa, and arrest his friend who was now bleeding and wounded.

In a statement released by the Israeli police spokesperson, the troopers had fired on the suspicion that the pair was trying to conduct a car-ramming assault.

At least 236 Palestinians have lost their lives since last October, and another 32 Israelis have been killed, 2 Americans, and Eritrean and a Sudanese from the violence.