Jay-Z Diss Kanye West In New Album, Kanye West Part Ways With Tidal

Once good friends, but now are currently feuding with each other. Kanye West has decided to split from Jay-Z's Tidal, the music streaming service that is co-owned by different artistes, but spearheaded by Jay-Z.

Kanye West is splitting from the music streaming service because he claimed they owned him money, and he has been unhappy with Tidal for a long time. Kanye West then sent a letter to Tidal over breach of contract a month ago, and claimed that the company breached the contract, and said the contract is terminated.


The lawyers from Tidal and Kanye came together to resolve the issues amicably, but they could not come to a definite conclusion, and two weeks ago, Kanye's lawyer put up with a new letter finally cutting off contracts with Tidal.

Kanye claimed that Tidal owned him a bonus for bringing around 1 1/2 Million new subscribers to Tidal when he released his album, Life of Pablo, and also he was not paid for a music video, though Tidal claimed that Kanye West did not release the video, while Kanye fired back that he would release the video when he is paid.

The issue between Jay-Z and Kanye West has started before Jay-Z released his new album few days ago, where he dissed Kanye West for his 20 minutes rants on stage about him and his wife, Beyonce. Kanye West was reported not to have knowledge of the lyrics before it was released.

The company claimed they still have exclusive rights to Kanye West's contents, and if he released any of the content onto any other streaming platform, they will sue him, Kanye West who is willing to walk away from the whole saga vowed to sue back if Tidal comes for him.