DJ Khaled latest album, Grateful has just gotten its first major plague after it went platinum in just 2 months. The business mogul could was happy about his new achievement, and took the news to Instagram to announce the latest news and also appreciate his fans. 

DJ Khalid instagram shows;


He then wrote;

MY SON WAS BORN ON oct #23 my album #GRATEFUL came out June #23 Now my ALBUM IS PLATINUM ON AUGUST #23 and And my son turns 10 months today,” he wrote. “And the the album has #23 tracks and I got my own @jumpman23 safe to say #23 is special # .. FAN LUV WE DID IT !!! #DJKHALED #GRATEFUL ALBUM OFFICIALLY PLATINUM!!!!!

Wild thoughts (featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller) and  “I’m the One” (featuring Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, Quavo, and Lil Wayne) both went platinum, while the first track on the album, “Shining” (featuring JAY-Z and Beyoncé) went gold.

Watch “I’m the One” (featuring Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, Quavo, and Lil Wayne) here: 


The "Grateful" album has now surpassed the "Major Key" album, which was also successful, and had went Gold in 2017.

Once good friends, but now are currently feuding with each other. Kanye West has decided to split from Jay-Z's Tidal, the music streaming service that is co-owned by different artistes, but spearheaded by Jay-Z.

Kanye West is splitting from the music streaming service because he claimed they owned him money, and he has been unhappy with Tidal for a long time. Kanye West then sent a letter to Tidal over breach of contract a month ago, and claimed that the company breached the contract, and said the contract is terminated.


The lawyers from Tidal and Kanye came together to resolve the issues amicably, but they could not come to a definite conclusion, and two weeks ago, Kanye's lawyer put up with a new letter finally cutting off contracts with Tidal.

Kanye claimed that Tidal owned him a bonus for bringing around 1 1/2 Million new subscribers to Tidal when he released his album, Life of Pablo, and also he was not paid for a music video, though Tidal claimed that Kanye West did not release the video, while Kanye fired back that he would release the video when he is paid.

The issue between Jay-Z and Kanye West has started before Jay-Z released his new album few days ago, where he dissed Kanye West for his 20 minutes rants on stage about him and his wife, Beyonce. Kanye West was reported not to have knowledge of the lyrics before it was released.

The company claimed they still have exclusive rights to Kanye West's contents, and if he released any of the content onto any other streaming platform, they will sue him, Kanye West who is willing to walk away from the whole saga vowed to sue back if Tidal comes for him.



Celebrity couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z has now confirmed that the twins are here. The news was revealed by Beyonce's father and former manager, Matthew Knowles.

Matthew took to Instagram to be the first one to announce the news, writing "They’re here,” he wrote on Father’s Day (June 18). “#beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday."


According to TMZ, the men gave birth to a boy and a girl, but they are still at the hospital due to "minor issues", and doctors are not comfortable releasing Bey and the twins as of yet, but they are all "expected to be okay."


Lips sealed, nobody is talking yet, but speculations are growing that Beyonce, 35, has probably given birth to her twins. The speculation comes as Jay-Z, 47, failed to show up for his songwriters hall of fame award, considering he is the first rapper to have ever been inducted into the hall of fame.


Instead of the rapper to be in NYC, he was spotted with Blue Ivy, 5, also at the hospital in Los Angeles. Beyonce sister, Solange Knowles was also spotted at the hospital in Los Angeles.

Jay-z award was later picked up by his record label head, John Platt. While apologizing to the crowd for Jay's absence, John said;

I can’t begin to tell you how much this award means to Jay. He’s really sorry he can’t be here with you tonight.

June 13th was Beyonce due date, and a lot of Beyonce security team can be seen posted all around the hospital building.

Though there are multiple signs that the twins are here, but just like before, the Carter family like to make announcement on their own time.

Rapper Jay-z wife, Beyonce has revealed she is expecting twins in a post on Instagram on Wednesday.


The 35 year old mother posed in a bra and underwear, showing a baby bump with the caption;

We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. - The Carters.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are parents to their 5-year old, Blue Ivy.

Prior to having Blue Ivy, Beyonce said she had a miscarriage, which was when she wrote one of the saddest song she had ever written on the album.

Kanye West is on the news again, and this not for a new song or album announcement, but another rants towards his Jay-Z,Beyoncé,Media, Mark Zuckerberg and others. The Famous rapper decided to go on a rant during his  Saint Pablo Tour stop in Sacramento, California on Saturday (Nov. 19).


The singer picked on Beyoncé and revealed that Beyoncé had only won the video of the year at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards because of the condition she had given the organizers of the event. 

Kanye said;

Beyoncé, I was hurt because I heard that you said you wouldn’t perform unless you won Video of the Year over me and over ‘Hotline Bling.

Now don’t go dissing Beyoncé, she’s great. Taylor Swift is great. We are all great people. We are all equal. But sometimes we be playing the politics too much and forget who we are just to win. Fuck winning, fuck looking cool. Fuck looking cool. Fuck being cool. F*** all that, bruh. I’ve been sent here to give y’all my truth even at the risk of my own life, my own success, my own career.

He also asked that Jay-Z should not kill him, by sending his killers to him, Ye said;

Jay Z, call me,  You still ain’t called me. Jay Z, I know you got killers. Please don’t send them at my head. Please call me. Talk to me like a man.

Fans that had come to see Yeezy was surprised after he dropped the mic just after 3 songs before his rant, and went off stage.


Kanye West is not a happy man and have decided to let the cat out of the bag during his “Saint Pablo Tour” stop in Seattle on Wednesday (Oct. 19). The rapper went on a rant directed towards Jay-Z,and this suggests that things are not right with the once two best friends.


The reason for the rants is basically because of "Drakes" single, Pop-syle, Kanye Said;

I wasn’t on the song because of Hov, Cause of some TIDAL-Apple bullshit. This sh** be gettin’ me tight every time I perform this motherfu**er. Y’all didn’t get what y’all was supposed to get with me and Drake on this song because of some TIDAL-Apple bullsh**.

Yeezy later talk more about the song, and why it was not on Drake's album, the View;

“I started freestyling to it,” he said. “Jay thought of a couple lines. I said, ‘Man, just go ahead and throw that on there. They’ll be so surprised. He probably wouldn’t expect you to be on there.’ And [Drake] was like, ‘Oh shit, The Throne is on this shit!’ Then Jay thought about it and, out of respect for Meek Mill, he ain’t want to be on the track. And I said, ‘Look, I’ll call Drake, I’ll call Meek, I’ll call y’all…we gotta squash this shit. We gotta let people have this song!’ But then it went out of that territory and it went into some TIDAL shit, some political shit, some shit about percentages on songs.”


Kanye West then gets personal with the rant, and said that their kids, Blue Ivy and North West don't even play together.

Yeezy also seems sad when he rants about how HOV never visited him during the attack that happened to his wife, Kim Kardashian in Paris. Kanye wrote;

   “You wanna know how I’m feeling?” he asked. “Come by the house. Bring the kids by the house like we brothers. Let’s sit down.”


In the wake of recent shootings of African-American in the US, Jay-z has decided to lend his voice to police brutality in the US that recently see police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shot and video released to the public.


Jay-Z in a message said that he had done the song a while ago, but never finished it, because he believes the death of Michael Brown won't be the last police brutality, and now after the killings of the 2 men in Baton Rogue and Minnesota respectively, he decided to drop the "Spiritual" track.


"Punch (TDE) told me I should drop it when Mike Brown died, sadly I told him, 'this issue will always be relevant.' I'm hurt that I knew his death wouldn't be the last," the statement reads. "I'm saddened and disappointed in THIS America - we should be further along. WE ARE NOT."

Listen to Spiritual here



Jay-z and ben simmons

Jay-Z is not playing around with bullets nowadays and both Beyonce and Jay-Z security requirements have changed after news of recent shootings. At the NBA finals, patriots and fans nearly miss the game because of the powerful couple.


According to Ayesha curry, Golden State Warriors family and herself nearly missed the match and could not get into the arena because of “Beyonce” – and her security requirements. Also in the picture of Jay-Z with Ben Simmons, there is something under his chest that does look like a bulletproof vest.


Forbes has released their annual reports of the richest hip-hop artistes for 2016. The richest artiste for the year is P.Diddy, worth $750M. Diddy is living off his 2015 mixtape, Money making mitch (MMM), Ciroc vodka, Sean John, Revolt and Aquahydrate.

Dr Dre is the second on the list with a net worth of $710M, thanks to the sale of Beats by Dr Dre, the biopic released last year, Straight outta Compton and a portfolio of Southern CA real estate.


Jay-Z is the third on the list with a net worth of $610M, thanks to his newly acquired TIDAL, though started rough for the business mogul, but it is now worth 3x more than he acquired ($56m) the service.

When Birdman said "Put a Respeck on my name" when he was at the breakfast club, at least we now know the man knows what he is saying. Standing on the number four of the richest hip-hop artiste of 2016 is Birdman, CEO of Cash money records.

Even though Birdman lost $30 of his fortune due to trouble in his label, the mogul was able to climb up the list by a spot in 2016.

Welcoming the newest member to the list of richest rappers. Drake, has just made the list in 2016. The money was earned via his music, touring, and multi-million dollar paycheck from sprite, Nike and Apple.