Kanye Celebrity Status Is Bigger Than His Name, He Is Now A Kardashian -DJ Quik

Looks like someone does not seem to like the new Kanye West album. DJ Quik, a Compton legend was at NoahTv and talks about the recent Kanye West and his "Life of Pablo" album. He said;



Who does an EP anymore?  Who puts out records anymore? Kanye’s so scared he don’t know what to do with The Life of Pablo. Let’s just keep this sh** all the way fucking 100.

His celebrity supersedes his talent right now, Yes. Come on. He’s a Kardashian now. What the f**k? Ooh! What he gonna do to me? Beat me up? It’s Kanye. See, this is a challenge. This ain’t a diss. It’s just a challenge. Make your best music because fans aren’t stupid.

Watch the video here: