Missile Test: North Korea Fire Another Missile Over Japan

In what the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called an "unprecedented", the North Korea leader is not backing down from his missile testing after the country fired another missile over the Hokkaido island before it crashed into the sea.

Though North Korea had fired a lot of missiles, but this is the first time the country is firing a ballistic weapon over Japan. In 1998 and 2009, North Korea launched a ballistic weapon over Japan, but said it was for satellite launch vehicles.


The UN council is now expected to have an emergency meeting over the new ballistic weapon launch.

No effort was made by Japan to shoot down the missile, but instead warned people staying on the Island to take shelter in basement and sturdy buildings.

US and Japanese forces have just finished a joint drill in Hokkaido, and still have other joint drill with tens of thousands of South Korean soldiers. This drill is provoking the North, and see it as a rehearsal for invasion into its territory.