Kim Jong-Un

The North Korea leader first land test of missile test seems to have done great harm to his subjects. According to an unnamed US official, the first missile test landed 40 miles north of North Korea's capital city of Pyongyang, in the city of Tokchon, a place with a population of 200,000 people.


According to the US official, the projectile had an engine malfunction, and after a minute to the first test flight heads 25 miles northeast before hitting the ground.

There is no confirmed report of casualties on the ground after the failed missile launch in Tokchon.

North Korea has since launched two other ballistic missiles that would later fly over Japan and landed cleanly in the pacific ocean. Experts predict a premature explosion of North Korea missile will cause serious chaos in the North East region.


After 2 years of phone dormancy between the South and North Korea government, the North Korea has finally established a phone conversation that lasted for 20minutes on Wednesday.

The talks between both countries could lead to a new diplomatic breakthrough between the two countries. The call was initiated on Wednesday, 3:30 p.m. local to 3:50 p.m. local time (South Korea is half an hour ahead of North Korea) after the North Korea supreme leader ordered the opening at the line at the exact time.


In the 20minute conversation, the two sides check technical issues onthe communication line, and South Korea are awaiting another possible second call at the Panmunjom hotline as it is likely that the North might call again during the week working hours.

This is the beginning of seeing through to his words after his New year speech, and expressing hope that the North Koreans would participate in the next month's Winter Olympics, that will be held at the Winter's Olympics.

The relationship between the North and South Korea in recent times has been warm, and the South Korean President Moon Jae-In had called for a swift meeting of his cabinets that will allow the North Koreans to participate in the Olympics.

The US who in the past has been a mediator between the North and South government don't seem to be working fine at the moment after the current US President Donald Trump keep tweeting provocative tweets to the nuclear country, and don't seem to be working towards peace.

In his new year address, the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un had said that he had a nuclear button on his table, and he would use it if the US tries to invade his country. 

In a response to the North Korea president, President Trump went on Twitter to tell the world that he had a bigger Nuclear Button, and it is bigger than the one in North Korea, and he also said that his own button is bigger than the one in North Korea.


One of South Korean President Moon Jae-In during the campaign was to seek a peaceful resolution between the North and South Korean government if elected, and is working towards seeing that happen, even though the US president Trump seems not to be helping issues.


In what the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called an "unprecedented", the North Korea leader is not backing down from his missile testing after the country fired another missile over the Hokkaido island before it crashed into the sea.

Though North Korea had fired a lot of missiles, but this is the first time the country is firing a ballistic weapon over Japan. In 1998 and 2009, North Korea launched a ballistic weapon over Japan, but said it was for satellite launch vehicles.


The UN council is now expected to have an emergency meeting over the new ballistic weapon launch.

No effort was made by Japan to shoot down the missile, but instead warned people staying on the Island to take shelter in basement and sturdy buildings.

US and Japanese forces have just finished a joint drill in Hokkaido, and still have other joint drill with tens of thousands of South Korean soldiers. This drill is provoking the North, and see it as a rehearsal for invasion into its territory.


Malaysia is taking a both step against North Korea as it recently expelled the hostile country ambassador from its country after he made a statement and refused to apologise to the Malaysian government, who had given him an ultimatum to do so.


Ambassador Kang Chol, NK ambassador in a statement had accused the Malaysian government, and said;

The Malaysian government had something to hide and that Malaysia has colluded with outside powers to defame.

After the statement by Kang, a notice was sent to the North Korean embassy to formally apologise for Mr Kang statement, and there was no official apology, also, the North Korean Embassy official had failed to turn up for a meeting on Saturday at the foreign ministry, so Malaysia took a bold step, and the Malaysia Foreign Minister,  Anifah Aman sent out the notice declaring Kang persona non grata, and also asked to leave the country in 48hours.

Anifah said;

It should be made clear – Malaysia will react strongly against any insults made against it or any attempt to tarnish its reputation.

The diplomatic battle between the country is because of the recent Kim Jong-nam death. The half-brother of the North Korean leader was killed at Kuala Lumpur airport, and the death has been linked to some North Korean citizen who had fled the country after the incident. 

Kim Jong-nam was killed by 2 women who used VX, a banned substance considered also as weapon of mass destruction.

North Korea who in the past has enjoyed coming to Malaysia without a visa, will now need a visa after the country scrapped its visa-free program for North Koreans.


David Sneddon, a college student that disappeared in 2004 during a trip to China have been reported to have been spotted in North Korea, Yahoo News Japan reported on Friday. According to the report, the North Korea government, Kim Jong-un might have kidnapped him, so he could teach him English.


David was presumed dead after he vanished in Yunnan Province in western China when he was 24. Police at the time reported he was likely to have died while hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge near the Jinsha River on 14 August 2004, but his body was never recovered.

The family of Sheddon now has a  beam of hope, as the US department of state on Wednesday says they will begin searching for him in North Korea.

Choi Sun-yong,  heads the Abductees’ Family Union, said that a source have confirmed that David was kidnapped to help Kim Jong-Un, who was heir to the country’s dictatorship at the time learn English

All through the years, Mr Sneddon’s parents, Roy and Kathleen, never believed he died falling into a river, they always believed he was kidnapped because of his fluency in Korean.


North Korea state run media have released a photo today of the their leader, Kim Jong-un touring the Pyongyang Sunan International Airport. Though the day the photos was taken was not revealed, the pictures of the new terminal look impressive, but North Korea is hostile to a lot of countries, thereby receives less visitors.


Korean central news reported that the leader was satisfied with the new terminal because it was built with harmony and modern aesthetic taste and national character





   Photo Courtesy: KCNAWatch


The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un has just ordered the killing of top military officers for not giving his troops larger portions of rice. The North Korea dictator has ordered for the execution of the vice armed forces minister, So Hong-chan, and other top officials.


Observers have said the vice armed forces minister So Hong-chan, might have been killed because he was not seen with the North Korean leader during his visit to see the embalmed body of his father and grandfather. A visit the two had always attended together to the memorial.

The last time So Hong-Chan was seen was during one of Kim Jong-Un "field guidance" visits, a trip he does make to offer advice people. The military officers might have been punished for their refusal to increase rice allowance for the nation's soldiers.

Kim has ordered the execution of 16 military officials this year for challenging his authority. The dictator had killed 70 different officials since he assumed office after his father's death in 2011, according to a report by South Korea intelligence.

Kim Jong-Un in 2013 killed his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, for his damage to the country's economy. Jang was the second most powerful man in the country. His uncle was executed along with the officials close to him