Notorious Paedophile That Raped 3-month Old Baby Died In Prison After Inmates Plans To Kill Him

A notorious UK Paedophile, James King has committed suicide while in prison as he feared fellow inmates would 'sugared' – doused with a sugar and hot water solution which causes painful burns, the court heard.

James King, who was also known as Robin Hollyson had served four months into his 24 year sentence after a video of him raping a 3-month old baby appeared in court. 


He was recently rushed to Southmead Hospital in the city after he was found unconscious in his cell, he then died two days later.

Though two suicide notes were found at the scene of the incidents, but there were suspicions after his cellmate, Cona Ellis, was seen covered with blood and also was caught wearing King's watch.

During the jury inquest,a fellow prisoner, John Denham said that inmates have taken out"contracts" to hurt King, and some are contemplating to give him a black eye or two.

According to King's mother, Deborah Wyatt, who gave a statement about his son, who was also a former IT worker, said that James was facing verbal bullying from inmates and said he feared he will be "sugared"

James King was one of the men caught distributing videos and pictures of them having sex with young babies and abusing them.

After four hours of deliberation the jury recorded a verdict of suicide.