Rihanna broke the L.A. Police Commissioner iPhone 5, now to be sold for $81,000

Rihanna the rude girl on TV might have done it this time as her selfie on a broken iPhone is currently on auction on Ebay. 

Here is the story.

 Rihanna the hip-hop singer was with Steve Soboroff  at the Los Angeles Clippers Game 3 playoff game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. So the president of L.A police commission requested for a selfie with Rihanna wearing LAPD wristband to show support for the fallen heroes(LAPD officers). The rude girl decided to take the picture herself and mistakenly dropped it cracking the iPhone 5 screen.


Photo Credit : Twitter

So to show you there are blessings in every disappointment, the LAPD boss met with Rihanna on the and ask if Rihanna would sign the broken phone as he wants to auction the phone to support the LAPD. So Rihanna was happy to do that, and she wrote on the phone "Sorry! I ♥ LAPD. Rihanna.


Photo Credit : Twitter

At the moment, the phone is on sale on Ebay as Rihanna fans all over the world will like to have Rihanna selfie on a cracked screen and her signature on the iPhone. The police boss showing his gratitude to Rihanna and the fan said.

        Thank you Rihanna and all of her wonderful fans who have made this story go viral, and for your interest in supporting the Los Angeles Police Foundation.




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