Russia Says NO to Neo-Nazi Websites, Drops .Ru Domain

The Russia watchdog said on Thursday it called the domain provider hosting the neo-nazi websites to immediately drop the domain websites following the Charlottesville violence.

The website,dailystormer was recently dropped by Godaddy and was also rejected by other domain providers moved its domain to Russia, using the


The website owner was quick to post a new headline after it moved to the .ru domain, writing; "A tale of true friendship: Trump called Putin to get us a new domain!"

Few hours after its celebration of moving to .ru, the website was offline again, and the Russia's internet watchdog said it makes the request to bring down the domain.

The dailystormer is a neo-nazi/hate website that help to organize the rally at Charlottesville which killed a woman, and injured several others. The owner of the website switched from Godaddy to  Google domain, and was removed,before it was then moved to Russia.

A lot of white supremacist websites are on Russia domain or the social network,VK, but are often overlooked because most Russians does not read from English groups, therefore won't report to the website admin.