A Nazi sympathizer, his brother-in-law and his wife are now unemployed after a newspaper profiled the family, and patrons of the restaurant where they worked turned hostile to the establishment.

According to The New York Times, Tony Hovater, 29, is  casually approving remarks about Hitler, disdain for democracy and belief that the races are better off separated. He also was part of the founders of the Traditionalist Workers Party, a group that is known to be allied with neo-nazis.


Mr Hovater, Maria -his wife and her brother had worked close to their home at 571 Grill and Draft House, New Carlisle, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. According to the manager, Hovater has worked as a part-time cook.

Though he had said in the article that he is only a welder by trade, but people that saw the article and know him knew he worked at the restaurant, and had instead called up the restaurant to leave messages via voicemail and also online.

The restaurant had to let him go, though he claimed to have been pushed out, the restaurant had their version of what happened here.

Mr Hovater has received $6,000 in funds by a group that caters for extremists on the right.


A man with a swastika armband was recently hunt down and knocked down after a Twitter account shared his image on Twitter on Sunday. 

According to the Seattle police department, the man was with a swastika armband and was "instigating fights"late Sunday. Before that time, the man's image was captured while he was on the bus, and he was reported to be going downtown Seattle. The user account that posted his picture also alleged that the man had harassed an African-American man while in the bus.


When the man was later found by the police, he was on the floor, he then removed his armband and left without saying anything to the police.


            The man was later punched with a man wearing a grey sweathshirt

The man activities after the first post about him on the bus was later tweeted, and he was reported by other anti-fascists Twitter accounts when he got downtown. Reports from Twiitter also suggested the man was "yelling at passerby" and "spewing racist vitriol"

The man was reportedly attacked by another man in grey sweatshirt, and the videographer was heard saying "Night Night"

The Antifa group celebrated what happened to the man with Swastika armband via Twiiter.


The Russia watchdog said on Thursday it called the domain provider hosting the neo-nazi websites to immediately drop the domain websites following the Charlottesville violence.

The website,dailystormer was recently dropped by Godaddy and was also rejected by other domain providers moved its domain to Russia, using the


The website owner was quick to post a new headline after it moved to the .ru domain, writing; "A tale of true friendship: Trump called Putin to get us a new domain!"

Few hours after its celebration of moving to .ru, the website was offline again, and the Russia's internet watchdog said it makes the request to bring down the domain.

The dailystormer is a neo-nazi/hate website that help to organize the rally at Charlottesville which killed a woman, and injured several others. The owner of the website switched from Godaddy to  Google domain, and was removed,before it was then moved to Russia.

A lot of white supremacist websites are on Russia domain or the social network,VK, but are often overlooked because most Russians does not read from English groups, therefore won't report to the website admin.


Apple is taking a stand against hate groups and white nationalist websites by blocking Apple pay support on the websites that sell goods and receiving payments via Apple pay.

Websites selling sweaters with Nazi logos, bumper sticker depicting a car crashing into protesters (Reference of an incident that happened at Charlottesville), and T-shirts emblazoned with "white pride."


Apple is yet to publish an official statement on blocking of the websites, but according to the company’s guidelines for Apple Pay, the payment platform cannot be used on sites promoting hate, violence or intolerance.

The company CEO, Tim Cook in the wake of the violence in the country posted a tweet that reads;

We’ve seen the terror of white supremacy & racist violence before.It's a moral issue - an affront to America. We must all stand against it.

Other brands fighting against hate white supremacist websites include Godaddy and Google, after they removed the alt-right website, Daily stormer from Godaddy, while Google also blocks registration of the website after a blog on the website in the wake of Charlottesville violence.

Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp and Wordpress have all taken actions via their platform after the attack. People trying to give out houses to White supremacist coming for the rally were also banned on the Airbnb website.

Some websites affected by Apple pay ban includes and