Saudi Arabia, Egypt Cut Ties With Qatar Accusing It Of Supporting ISIS

Saudi Arabia, Egypt today cut ties with their neighbour, Qatar, after the countries accuses it of sponsoring Muslim terrorist group, ISIS and Al-Qaeda. The move came as Riyadh closed its land, air and sea contacts with Qatar.

Qatar in its defence has denied the allegations and said the country had taken their decisions, not "based on facts"  and it is "unjustified".


Saudi has said that Qatar is collaborating with Iran, and "Iranian-backed terrorist groups" to wreak havoc in the region.

Other countries that have part ways with Qatar includes Bahrain, UAE, Yemen, Maldives, Libyan Eastern Based government. Also, Saudi, Bahrain and UAE have given Qatari visitors and resident living or visiting the country two weeks to leave the country, and have also banned citizens of their own country from going to Qatar.

Saudi has said it will allow Qataris to take part in the annual pilgrimage hajj to Mecca.

Some Other Diplomatic Disruption Between The Gulf States Are;

1. All diplomats from Qatar are to leave UAE and Egypt within 48 hours.

2. EgyptAir, Etihad Airways and Emirates are said to cancel flights immediately to Doha.

3. Saudi Arabia said it has closed its airspace from Qatar airline, and Qatar airline has also cancelled all flights to the region.

Though the Qatar government has joined in the fight against ISIS, the wealthy individuals in Qatar, and its government has been accused of giving money to ISIS in Syria, and trying to play 2 sides of the coin. Qatar is also accused of ties with Nusra-front, an Al-Qaeda affiliates.