Delfin Lorenzana, defence secretary in the Phillipines has confirmed the death of “Abu Dar”  the leader of the Maute group, an ISIS affiliated group terrorist camp in the Philippines. Abu Dar, whose real name is Benito Marohombsar was announced to have met his waterloo in a clash with Phillipine military in the town of Tuburan near Marawi.

The secretary said the death "means that the self-proclaimed Isis leader is dead. His group is leaderless in the meantime and also they are scattered after that successful operation by the army".


                                 Abu Dar

Also confirming the news is the Marawi commander Colonel Romeo Brawner, who said there were doubts about the death of Abu Dar, but recent DNA results have confirmed that he is dead and gone.

Abu Dar with the now dead Isis emir Isnilon Hapilon and Maute Group leaders Omar and Abdullah Maute started the siege in 2017 in Marawi that was bloody. The group was looking to take control of the city, and they were in the city for 5 months, flattening the city, even till today, the city is yet to be rehabilitated.

Abu Dar seeing he might lose the war, fled to the mountains, but continues to recruit and train fighters. The army did not stop the hunt of Abu Dar, and continue to launch large military operations to put him down. After years of trying to end his reign of terror, the military overran his camp in the town of Sultan Dumalundong, his remains were later found near the trash as he was attempting to flee from the zone of the military clash. A shot to his back was fatal, killing him.

To hide his identity, his face was also burnt. The death of Abu Dar, an effective recruiting machine, with ties to influential families and deep knowledge of the Quran had weakened the threat of the group in Marawi and Lanao Del Sur province.


Donald Trump

One of Donald Trump campaign promises to the US people is defeating the Islamic State terror group, ISIS, and in a new video released by the President's team, Donald Trump believed ISIS is defeated, and it is time to bring back the US troops in Syria.


The US troops have helped get rid a lot of the members of the group, and only remains a handful of the fighters in the North-Eastern area of Syria, and security chiefs want that the US troops maintain its presence in the country to make sure that the terrorist group does not rebuild again.


                                                Video of Trump announcing withdrawal from Syria

The White house and Pentagon have now concluded that it will be moving to "next phase" of the campaign, but did not give further information about the new phase it will take. 

Senate Republicans have kicked against the idea of President Trump pulling troops out of Syria, and one senator using his voice is Lindsey Graham ,that have now called it "a big gift" to the Iran ISIS.

In the press conference released by Lindsey Graham. He said " I have tried to help President Trump where I can ... but I find myself in the situation where the best way I can help the president is to tell him the truth as I see it."


                                                   Lindsey Graham press conference

Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on state-controlled Channel One TV that pulling out now from Syria by the US will allow "genuine, real prospects for a political settlement" in Syria." Also, According to the Washington post, Russia President, Vladmir Putin welcome the US President decision on Syria


Fouad Belkacem, an ISIS supporter that used his group, Sharia4Belgium to send dozens of Jihadist to Syria is currently facing deportation after an appeal court in Antwerp ruled that Fouad has come short of his duties as citizens of the country.

Belgium was the only country in Europe with the many number of jihadists that went to Syria to join ISIS, some of the recruits came back to Europe. Some of those that returned to Europe went to Paris, and caused the Paris 2015 attack that killed 130 people, and the March 2016 Brussels attack that killed 32 people, and 300 injured.


The Sharia4Belgium recruited Belgians, after Fouad took inspiration from Anjem Choudary, another radical Muslim preacher who started Islam4UK, a radical group that recruits British for Jihadist.

Immediately after his 12 year jail term, Belgian authorities started the processing of denouncing Fouad of his citizenship, and wanted him to move back to Morocco, as he his a man of dual nationality.

His lawyer, Liliane Verjauw also argued that Fouad has been here over three generations, and his family stayed in Belgium for over 50 years.

The last straw for Fouad is to appeal the decision by the court or go to the European Court of Justice.



A man early this morning shouted "Allahu Akbar" in the eastern city of Belgium, Liege - before opening fire, killing a passerby and two cops were killed before the man was neutralised.

The attacked happened around 10.30am, as armed cops and siren arrives at the scene of the shootings. Onlookers scrambled around the Liege's central boulevard d'Avro.


Liege was also a place of attack in 2011 after an attacker opened fire, killing four people and injuring several others. 

The Interior Minister Jan Jambon said he is monitoring the situation via a tweet as investigation continues on the shooting.


A cyber security firm, Sixgill - which helps monitor the activity of the ISIS terror group on dark web and other encrypted apps have reported that the terrorist group have sent out a chatter it will be in the Champions league final at  Olimpiyskiy Stadium, Kiev on Saturday.


The terror group which suffers defeat in the Middle East have released propaganda images of its group descending on the stadium, and in the posters shared online, a man with jump suit was seen with his head cut off, while a jihadist stepped on him.


Sixgill, based in Israel, has warned and sent out warnings to help security agents, as the group looks to make a comeback to attack the West after suffering a ridiculous defeat in the Middle-East.

Another chatter making rounds on the dark web is also a threat to football lovers that will be at the world cup. The group in one of its propaganda posters said they will be there to wreak havoc as well.


                         Officials are not taking chances after the theat released by the terror group

According to Belgian intelligence reports, some documents from Gulf Arab-financed mosques promotes the anti-Semitic and stereotypes of jews, and also calls for the persecution of gays. The reports acquired by OCAM national terrorism monitoring centre see a document that called that gays be stoned to death or thrown off buildings, and describe jews as "evils."


The reports say that the documents retrieved shows contents with xenophobia, radicalism and anti-Semitism.

The mosque that teaches this problematic content is sponsored by the Saudis, and the Belgian government has said it will terminate the half-century old lease on the mosque because of the contents its promote. It is currently run by the Muslim World League.

The manual also tagged jews as "corrupt, evil and treacherous people" and call for "war"  and also call its members to attack people that do not follow Sunni Islam.

The result of the latest development is the ongoing investigation of the suicide bombings that kill 32 people at the Brussels airport, and metro station in March 2016. The Islamic terrorist group claimed responsibility for the killing.


Linda Wenzel

A court in Baghdad has sentenced a German woman to death after she confirms she had travelled from Germany to Iraqi for the sole purpose of joining ISIS with her two daughters.

The court said the unnamed German woman was "providing logistical support and assistance to the terrorist group to commit crimes" after she joined ISIS, and her two daughters reportedly married ISIS militants. The woman of Moroccan descent was believed to be living in the Manheim region before she travelled, and believed to be part of the women that were captured by the Iraqi forces after the forces regained Mosul from the Daesh group.


                                     LInda Wenzel

The spokesperson for the Supreme Judicial Council, Abdul-Sattar Bayrkdar confirmed the news, and said the woman acknowledged joining ISIS.

The Iraqi forces have detained many foreign women after it took over the Northern and Central Iraq from the terrorist group. 

Another German, Linda Wenzel was also with the group, and had fled to Syria when she was only 15. She is also facing the death penalty if convicted of aiding ISIS. She was reported to have aided ISIS, and also was a sniper for the terrorist group, but she had denied the claims, and said she was mostly kept for domestic works only.

In a 22-minute video released by the Egypt chapter of ISIS, the terrorist group has declared a war on Hamas for losing Jerusalem to Washington and Israel. The video was recently released to the Jihadist-monitoring SITE Intelligence Group website.

The video started with the video of President Trump announcement on Jerusalem. The propaganda video then shows the Daesh group execution of a Musa Abu Zamat, accused of smuggling weapons to Hamas’ military wing from Egypt. ISIS Preacher, Abu Kazem al-Maqdisi then call on its members to attack Hamas houses and courthouses in the Gaza strip.


Hamas is also accused by the ISIS propaganda video of working with Western countries and only fighting Jews in Israel. The accused, Musa Abu Zamat, was later shot point blank in the head.

Hamas has called for a new uprising against Israel after Trump's announcement.The uprising against Israel starts massive revolts, but Israel were able to face it using live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas to end the recent massive unrest.

Hamas spokesperson, Salah Bardawil responded to the ISIS Of ISIS and said its "a Zionist production in which Arab tools participate to distort the resistance."

A four-wheeled drive has injured fourteen people in the centre of Melbourne, in what police are calling a "deliberate act." A lot of the injured are in critical condition as the car run into the crowds at the Melbourne’s Flinders Street station.


According to Victoria Police Commander Russell Barrett while speaking to the press said;At this stage, we believe it was a deliberate act. The motivations are unknown. It’s still early days in the investigation.

According to video footage released by police when the attacker was apprehended, a man can be seen with a white shirt and blue jeans, dragged from the passenger side of the car, while others lie at the ground. Police have also arrested 2 suspects of the attack, but they are yet to be charged.


The arrested man is a 32- year old Australian man of Afghan descent, and he is was arrested in 2010 for traffic violation and minor assault, and also he is known as a drug addict.

The white 4X4 was said to have struck those crossing the  Flinders and Elizabeth streets intersection before coming to a halt near a Tram stop.



The Metropolitan police have arrested Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, from north London, and Mohammed Aqib Imran, 21, from Birmingham and charged with plotting terrorist acts. The security service in the UK said they think they have stopped a plot by the men to assassinate UK Prime minister, Theresa May.


The men plan was to throw a bag with a bomb in it, and then stab the prime minister with knives.

Both men are now arrested and will be due to appear in Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday. 

The plot was revealed to the cabinet by Andrew Parker, the head of MI5, and he also told ministers that the nine other terrorist planned acts have also been averted by the security forces.