Suspected ISIS Fighters In Surrenders In Drove In Iraq

ISIS might be on the way out of the terrorism list as the group continues to suffers a series of defeats in Iraq. ISIS fighters now for fear of being killed surrendered themselves to the Iraqi security forces, and they are all awaiting interrogations.

More than 1000 ISIS fighters who had pledged to die a martyr, are not forfeiting the dream of the 71 virgins and are currently having their hands behind their back while facing the wall in Northern Iraq. The group has recently suffered a series of humiliating defeats in Syria and Iraq, and more than 1000 ISIS fighters have surrendered in the DIbis centre for iinterrogation.


                                                      ISIS fighters surrenders to Kurdish security operatives

While the fight to take back Mosul took soldiers 9 months,and only a few fighters surrendered, Tal-Afar was just 11 days, and more than 500 fighters surrendered. The extremist were ousted from Hawija in just 15 days, and the ISIS fighters did not put in any fight at all, they only planted bombs and booby traps, and after heavy fighting, the group members took their family members and ran.

Many fighters are claiming to be just cooks and clerks for the group, while some claimed to have just joined the group in the past 2 months. Many of the fighters claimed never to have seen a beheading or anything close to it.

In a monitored interview, one of the fighters ,Maytham Muhammed Mohemin said that he had joined the group because he believed their cause, and because his brother had joined. He also said he was getting paid a $100, which is better than nothing at the time.

Maytham had been fighting with the group for 2 years. He had arrived Dibis at Tuesday afternoon with eight other people, after they had gone to Hawija to drop their weapons. Two weeks before that, Maytham had been hiding in holes to escape the never ending American bombs and shelling of the Iraqi forces, and while hiding in holes, the group had no food or sanitary facilities, hence, they stink.