Theresa May Disappointed At Donald Trump Administration For 219 Percent Tax On Bombardier

Donald Trump is not relaxing on his "America first" Agenda after the US president played the UK prime minister, Theresa May, after she had lobbied with Trump not to impose heavy tax on a new model of passenger jet built by one of the country's biggest employers.

The US government has imposed a 219 percent tax for the import of the jets in the United States. The Union are not happy with May's sluggishness, and have said the decision by the US Department of commerce will affect thousands of workers in Northern Ireland, the manufacturer of the Bombardier jet. The Union said Theresa May is "asleep at the wheel"


While it is expected that the US impose a tax on the new jet, the recent 219 tax is a huge size for Bombardier, and Theresa May had a call earlier in the month to talk about the US department of commerce decision, and had asked that Trump look into it, but in the US side, the Bombardier biggest competitor, Boeing had accused the Bombadier of having received unfair subsidies from the UK and Canada government, and this will allow for the manufacturer to be able to sell at lower cost price than Boeing in America.

Bombardier is supposed to deliver 125 new jets to Delta next year as part of a $5.6bn (£4.2bn) deal signed in 2016, and has called the imposed tax"absurd" and also vowed to fight the decision by the US commerce department.

Ross Murdoch, GMB national officer has accused May of not doing more for British workers, and Jimmy Kelly, Unite regional secretary said;

The decision taken by the US department of commerce was not unexpected - unfortunately it is unlikely to be overturned by President Trump whose protectionist tendencies are well-known. The threat of punitive tariffs on the C-Series will cast a shadow over Bombardier's future unless the company can source alternative and substantial sales outside the US market.