Theresa May

After long expectation and series of argument at the UK house of Common about Donald Trump official visit to the UK, the US President  today announced today via Twitter he would not be visiting the UK after all.

While citing reasons for his decision, Trump said he is not happy with the Obama administration moving the US embassy from where it was in a bad deal, only to build a new one at an off location for 1.2 billion dollars. Though report last might has said that Trump was not going to the UK because he was concerned about his popularity among the UK populace, he was concerned he was not going to be well received at the country.


He wrote;

Reason I canceled my trip to London is that I am not a big fan of the Obama Administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for “peanuts,” only to build a new one in an off location for 1.2 billion dollars. Bad deal. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!

This is another Trump tweet that is directed to past Obama administration to show complete disdain for his predecessor, because the decision to move the embassy from its previous location to the current place was done in the Bush's administration, with the administration citing security reasons.

This was done in October 2008, and according to the website of the embassy, "The project has been funded entirely by the proceeds of the sale of other US Government properties in London, not through appropriated funds."

Donald Trump has appointed Rex Tillerson to go to the opening of the new embassy instead.

The opening of the building was seen as the British government has a time the US President would want to make his first state official visit., after he was invited by the Prime minister, Theresa May on her official and first head of state to visit US President Donald Trump.

Trump has repeatedly said he would not visit the UK if he will be facing mass demonstrations, but the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has always called out Donald Trump, and both the Mayor and the US President in the past has exchanged words over Trump's comment, including when Trump retweeted some fake videos from the leader of a group led by Jayda Fransen in UK known to harass Muslims and immigrants.

When the UK prime minister, Theresa May told Mr Trump not to retweet the anti-Muslim video, Trump responded that the PM should focus on radical Islamic terrorism ravaging the country, and not him.

There has been calls by the oppositions in the UK to cancel Trump's visit, and one of the plans for his state visit was to meet the Queen, but it was later downgraded to just "working visit" which is much less prestige.



The Metropolitan police have arrested Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, from north London, and Mohammed Aqib Imran, 21, from Birmingham and charged with plotting terrorist acts. The security service in the UK said they think they have stopped a plot by the men to assassinate UK Prime minister, Theresa May.


The men plan was to throw a bag with a bomb in it, and then stab the prime minister with knives.

Both men are now arrested and will be due to appear in Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday. 

The plot was revealed to the cabinet by Andrew Parker, the head of MI5, and he also told ministers that the nine other terrorist planned acts have also been averted by the security forces.


Donald Trump is not relaxing on his "America first" Agenda after the US president played the UK prime minister, Theresa May, after she had lobbied with Trump not to impose heavy tax on a new model of passenger jet built by one of the country's biggest employers.

The US government has imposed a 219 percent tax for the import of the jets in the United States. The Union are not happy with May's sluggishness, and have said the decision by the US Department of commerce will affect thousands of workers in Northern Ireland, the manufacturer of the Bombardier jet. The Union said Theresa May is "asleep at the wheel"


While it is expected that the US impose a tax on the new jet, the recent 219 tax is a huge size for Bombardier, and Theresa May had a call earlier in the month to talk about the US department of commerce decision, and had asked that Trump look into it, but in the US side, the Bombardier biggest competitor, Boeing had accused the Bombadier of having received unfair subsidies from the UK and Canada government, and this will allow for the manufacturer to be able to sell at lower cost price than Boeing in America.

Bombardier is supposed to deliver 125 new jets to Delta next year as part of a $5.6bn (£4.2bn) deal signed in 2016, and has called the imposed tax"absurd" and also vowed to fight the decision by the US commerce department.

Ross Murdoch, GMB national officer has accused May of not doing more for British workers, and Jimmy Kelly, Unite regional secretary said;

The decision taken by the US department of commerce was not unexpected - unfortunately it is unlikely to be overturned by President Trump whose protectionist tendencies are well-known. The threat of punitive tariffs on the C-Series will cast a shadow over Bombardier's future unless the company can source alternative and substantial sales outside the US market.



Despite media bullying, and all the difficulties to the election, Jeremy Corbyn has been able to lead the Labour party to a strong showing in the last election, and in appreciation, the Labour leader was welcomed with a  standing ovation from members of his party at the house of common in the first parliamentary sitting since the election.

Mr Corbyn was with all smiles on Tuesday as he makes his way to his seat at the parliament, and member of his party gave him a standing ovation.


The snap election called by Theresa May has caused the conservatives to lose their majority sit, and labour riding on its win, making Theresa May ran to the The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

May going to DUP has caused a got a lot of negative reaction because of the party stance on different issues. Former Conservative Prime Minister John Major advised Ms May to avoid a deal with the party, warning the risks of a returned violence in Northern Ireland.

Also, another former Minister, Ed Vaizey, talked about the danger of the alliance with the DUP, he said; 

I come from [the] liberal wing of the Conservative party. I’m not going to support any legislation that I would regard as socially illiberal, or taking this country backwards.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for UK prime minister to resign instead of seeking re-election again in the country. The call came after the Theresa May role in cutting police numbers while she was home secretary between 2010 and 2016. 


Jeremy Corbyn during his speech at Carlisle said that Ms May is trying to protect the people on the cheap, while he cut the police of 20,000 and also denied them of needed resources.

UK in recent times had three terror attacks in three months, with the lastest attack killing 7, and injuring another 48 people.

Jeremy Corbyn said the upcoming election would be a great opportunity for the British people to remove the prime minister, and also backs for her to resign.

While speaking to ITV, Jeremy said;

Indeed I would, because there’s been calls made by a lot of very responsible people on this who are very worried that she was at the Home Office for all this time, presided over these cuts in police numbers and is now saying that we have a problem – yes, we do have a problem, we should never have cut the police numbers.

Defending her position at one of her election campaign, Theresa May said;

Cressida Dick has said that the Metropolitan Police are well resourced – and they are, she has said they have very powerful counter-terrorism capabilities – and they do.

We have protected counter-terrorism policing budgets, we have funded an uplift in the number of armed police officers.


Prime Minister Theresa May has triggered Article 50, this will start the exit of the UK from the European Union. Britain EU ambassador handed a letter to the EU Council President Donald Tusk, which means there is no turning back on Brexit, and Britain will quit the European Union it joined in 1973.


Speaking to parliament on the exit of the UK, Theresa May said;

The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union.This is an historic moment from which there can be no turning back.

May in the Brexit campaign has urged the UK to stay with the EU, but since the "Leave" campaign won the referendum, May, 60 in recent times seem to have the toughest job in the political circle as she not only take away the UK from the EU, she is also trying to hold Britain together in the recent renewed Scottish referendum.



The US president-elect, Donald J. Trump has said he looks forward to meeting the British prime minister, Theresa May in Spring. The meeting is set to have been scheduled after meetings of  the closest advisers of both leaders in Washington.


Donald Trump also praises the relationship of both countries, saying Britain is "a longtime U.S. ally, is very special!"

A day of the meeting is yet to be announced, but it is expected to come within weeks after Trump's inauguration. Both Trump and May had talked twice after he was announced as the winner of the US election, and May had suggested that both of their advisers meets first before their new arranged meeting.




Hours after Andrea Leadsom stepped away from the UK PM contest and Conservative party leadership, David Cameron has announced that he would finally resign office in 2 days (Wednesday) to give the new PM, Theresa May to be the new PM.


David Cameron said he would present his resignation letter to Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday after attending a final session of Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons.

David Cameron said;

"We will have a new prime minister in that building behind me by Wednesday evening."

Theresa May will be a second female prime minister after Margaret Thatcher. 

The resignation of Cameron came to be after convincing citizens to remain in the EU, but the country voted to LEAVE. Theresa May though had voted to "Remain", but assured voters that voted "Leave" that she would respect their wishes.

Theresa May, 59, is the most experienced ministers in Cameron's cabinet serving in the notoriously difficult job of home secretary, akin to the interior minister's post in other countries, for six years.



Andrea Leadsom has quit the race for Conservative party leader and also as UK prime minister, leaving Theresa May uncontested for the same position. Addressing pressman today, Leadsom said that she does not believe she had the strong support to lead a "strong and stable government".


She later endorsed Theresa May and say she was "ideally placed" to lead Brexit and also wished her the "greatest success". She also apologised to Ms May for what she said during a newspaper interview that being a mother gives her a better candidate for the job.

It is up to 1922 Conservative MPs to decide on a revised timetable or if Theresa May will become leader unelected. 

If she is uncontested, then the only discussion left would be when she would take over from David Cameron.

Ms Leadsom campaigned for the BREXIT campaign, while Ms May campaigned for REMAIN. 

Ms May and Ms Leadsom made it to the final two after Ms May acquired 199 votes, and Ms Leadsom, 84 votes from MPs. Justice Secretary Michael Gove was eliminated after coming third.