WhatsApp Denies UK Government Request To Build A Backdoor

The UK government has gotten a rejection of its request earlier this year asking WhatsApp to build a backdoor that will allow it to access data on criminals using the chat service to communicate. 

The UK government, after a series of terrorist attacks on it soil has called for the backdoor from tech companies like Telegram and WhatsApp, a well known service by terrorist to communicate because of the encryption service both services provide.


The UK government is looking to reach a compromise with tech companies that will allow it to accept the warrant during investigations, but the tech companies believe such security compromise with government will undermine the security services they had promised their users.

The issue between government accessing users' messages and tech companies started with the UK government after they could not read the messages sent and received by Khalid Masood, a perpetrator of the Westminster attack.

The UK government is not the only one seeking to have access to the information, the US government Vs Apple too happened after the  San Bernardino attack. The back and forth court case generated a lot of reactions from citizens that believes that Apple should not protect people that are attacking US citizens, including the then candidate Trump, saying he would ditch his Apple Phone for Samsung if Apple won't help FBI access the messages of the San Bernadino attackers.

Tim Cook while responding to the allegations, said that weakening encryption for the government will only affect the public while terrorists will find other ways to communicate as they always do.