black man shoot police in New york

An African-American man , Quentin Lamar Smith has reportedly shot two Ohio White officers,  Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli, after the officers responded to a call on domestic violence at the house Smith lives with wife, Candace Smith.


Police had responded to several domestic violence calls from the Smith's house in 2017, and one of such call was Nov. 27, when 33-year Old Candace asked for protection orders, because she was not getting along with Quentin Lamar Smith, who she also said had a gun.

While talking about the death of the officers, Chief Joe Morbitzer of the Westerville Police Department said "As they went into the apartment they were immediately met with gunfire, and both officers were shot,"

Officer Joering, a 16 year veteran of the department was reported to have died at the scene, while officer Morelli, a 29-year veteran was transported to the Ohio State University where he later died.

Officer Joering had a wife and four daughters, and officer Morelli had a wife and two children.

The suspect, Quentin Lamar Smith also got shot in the shooting, and currently receiving treatment at the hospital


Brooklyn, USA: Two police was assassinated in the Brookly, New York. The officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. The police were said to be responding to a critical case when it happened. The gunman later identified as Ismaaiyl brinsley, 28 stayed in Baltimore until he killed his girlfriend Saturday morning, 20/12/2014 and moved to New York. 


                                                          Assailant face (Source:Facebook)

In an execution styled killing, the young man was said to have come from behind the passenger side, take a killing stance ans shot both officers. The assailant after that tried running away while the police closed in on him at the subway. Everybody was asked to face down to be able to catch the Ismaaiyl without hostage situation or killing innocent citizenS. But before the police would get to him, he took his own life.

Before the killing, the young man had written some words on his Instagram and Facebook where he said :

They Take 1 Of Ours…Let’s Take 2 of Theirs,” the post continued, signing off with, “This May Be My Final Post

The New York police commissioner had condemned the man's action, he said both men were assassinated.

Some pictures at the Scene


                            Picture Source : NY post


                               Picture Source : NY post


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