Boy murder girl because of love

lai thi kieu trang

Thai Binh, Vietnam: In a recent investigation report by the Thai Binh police department, a 25 year old woman, Lai Thi Kieu Trang - who was having an affair with the husband of her older cousin, and the husband had called her last November 2019,  he wanted to stop the affair, had instead decided to kill her cousin instead.


Trang had planned to kill D.T.H.Y because she was having an affair with the husband, and he(D.T.H.Y husband) was looking to stop the affair around October. Trang was devastated, and decided to commit suicide with a cyanide she bought online, but at the last minute decided to instead kill D.T.H.Y using the popular milk tea in Viet Nam.

She then went to the workplace of Thai Binh Lung Disease Hospital in Thai Binh City, Thai Binh capital, where D.T.H.Y works, and pretended she was a family of a patient, and asked that one of the nurses give the milk to her.

At around 10:00am on December 3, N.T.H, who is a colleague of D.T.H.Y took a drink from the poisoned laced drink, and collapsed to her death.

Police in the city later got information on the death at around 4pm the same day, but suspected a foul play in the death of N.T.H, and decided to launch a formal investigation on what had happened. Two days later, after an investigation, Trang was arrested.


                    Police exhume the body of the corpse.

In the course of the investigation to confirm the cause of death, the corpse of the co-worker was exhumed.


Australian man, Matthew Bates, 33,has died in San Francisco, United States after a verbal altercation turned physical with two men outside the  Da Vinci Villa hotel in Russian Hill at 2am.


The police have now arrested the two people involved in his death, and The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is providing consular services to Yate's family.

The department in a statement has also asked that the media respects the privacy of the Yate's family at this time


Police have arrested Nguyen Van Thien, 17-year-old who killed his classmate, a 13-year-old girl for not accepting his love proposal. The killing of the young girl happened in a Ho Chi Minh hotel. The boy was 2 weeks after he escaped the crime scene.

It took the joint effort of the Ho Chi Minh City police and Quanh Binh province to arrest the young boy. He is now being questioned for the act.


                          Thien in police custody, Photo courtesy, The police

Thien and his schoolmates were returning from a trip to Singapore, when they all decided to stay in a hotel in HCMC. When they were about to leave for their Quang Binh in July 22, Thien said he had lost his passport, and asked the girl to go with him, while he retrieve the passport.

Since the duo never showed up after they went upstairs, the teacher called the 2 students, but none answered, and the teacher went upstairs to see what is happening. When the teacher got upstairs, the door was locked inside, and Thien said he was in the toilet, but the girl had gone downstairs already.

The teacher then went downstairs, but did not find the girl.

The teacher and some other students asked the hotel employee to follow them and open the hotel room from outside, and when the door was opened, they found the girl and in the bathtub, unconscious and bleeding from the mouth.

While the everybody was trying to revive the girl, Thien escaped from the hotel, and unfortunately, the girl died the next day at the hospital.

Police and forensic reports that the girl was strangled to death, and also suspected he might hae raped her.

Thien friends later said that he had loved the girl, but she repeatedly turned him down.