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A Nigerian man, AREBANMEN ENDURACE ARAMDE, 28, staying in Cambodia was arrested in Cambodia after acting like a nuisance on the street.


Aramde was drunk, and was acting intoxicated outside of Wat Phnom Post Office while disturbing public peace, the people around the area called police to remove him from the surrounding. When police approached the 28 year old, and later checked his passport, they saw he was expired visa in the country, and saw his visa had expired since January 9th, 2017.

He was later taken to the Immigration Department for deportation proceedings.


Immigration officials in Cambodia have raided a house occupied by Nigerians in Chom Chao, and have detained 29 of them while they await the occupants with documents, and those living and working illegally in the country.


The 29 Nigerians have been detained, and anyone without the right documents faces deportation.

The local residents of Chom Chao have reported the Nigerians to the local immigration department, said UK Heisela, chief of investigation department, while speaking on the arrests.

We arrested people from Nigeria, but we still don’t know how many are legal and how many are illegal.




A Nigerian man, Donald Millo has revealed the assault he got from the Cambodian immigration officers while trying to enter the country earlier this month. Donald shared a video of himself narrating his experience on his Facebook page, and our correspondent decided to talk to him for details.

According to Donald, he had travelled to Cambodia from Vietnam for few days to explore the country and get back to Vietnam to work. Donald, a software Engineer in Vietnam sounded bitter while he narrated the horrible experience he got from the Cambodian immigration officer at the border.


He said he had picked up his visa in Vietnam, and as he arrived the country, he showed the visa and other relevant documents to the officers, they also asked for his return ticket to Vietnam, and he showed them. After some time, the officers said he won't be allowed into the country, and when he asked if there was a problem, the officers won't provide a reason, but just don't want him to enter into Cambodia.

As he tried questioning this action, the young man was assaulted by the officers who had surrounded him and with one voice, "we don't want you, we don't want Nigerians, you monkey". 

As other passengers try to talk to the immigration about this act, they were told to keep moving, and this is an official problem. 

Donald was not allowed to enter Cambodia and was sent on the next flight to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, even after buying a ticket to Noi Bai Airport, Hanoi.

Watch the video here:



The immigration department in Cambodia has arrested 45 Nigerians who were staying in the country illegally. The police is meeting into letting some of the Nigerians that can get their visa and other relevant documents sorted out in a short period of time stay in Cambodia. They will also pay fines for staying illegally.


The crackdown of illegal Nigerians in Cambodia also happened in 2009, when fifty-seven Nigerians were apprehended and detained from a local church in Tuol Svay Prey I commune in Chamkar Mon district, thirty were later released after they could verify their identity with relevant documents and other freed the next day.


Pictures Of The Crackdown





The Immigration Department in Cambodia has recently arrested and detained 18 foreigners living in Cambodia. The Immigration department sets out on Monday to search and arrest foreigners staying in the country illegally. 


At the New world borey, the immigration police found 18 immigrants living and working in the country illegally, and they include 16 Nigerians, 1 Filipino and 1 Vietnamese. According to kohsantepheapdaily, the raid happened around 11:00am.


The 18 illegal immigrants have been sent to the  ministry of interior at the Immigration office for questioning.




Photo courtesy: kohsantepheapdaily


Phnom Penh, Cambodia: The Cambodia immigration department has arrested 52 illegal immigrants, which include 48 Vietnamese and 1 Nigerian for living and working in Cambodia illegally, while some were passport because of no passport.


The raid was conducted in Phnom Penh, Ta Keo, Kampong Thom, Pursat, Siem Reap, Banteaymeanchey, and Pailin province.


Confirming the news, the director of the Investigation and Procedure Implementation in the department of immigration, General Ouk Haysekla, said that the 53 illegal immigrants will be deported out of Cambodia via the following Phnom Penh International airport,  Poi Pet, Krom Somnor and Bavet border.


The foreigners deported includes 1 Thai, 1 Dutch, 1 Nigerian, 1 Bangladeshi, 1 Thai.


Pictures courtesy of Dap News