Colin Kaepernick

While more NFL players take the kneel in the US, the Kaepernick Effect has now found its way to high school after 17 years old India Landry was expelled from school for not standing up during the pledge of Allegiance.


                           India Landry doing her homework

Landry said that she had always sat down during pledge of allegiance before now, and she doesn't know while she was kicked out on Monday for the same act. Landry is a senior at the Windfern High School and during an interview said that she doesn't believe "the flag is what it says it's for, for liberty and justice and all that."

The attorney for Landry, Randall Kallinen has now filed a lawsuit for violation of the  student's Constitutional rights, the civil lawsuit was filed against Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District and a high school principal.

The principal who had lashed out over the phone to Landry's mum, KIzzy - The principal said " She can't come to my school if she won't stand for the pledge." The school principal after the lawsuit reversed her decision and India Landry was allowed back in school on Friday.


Former 49ers quarter-back, Colin Kaepernick, has been in the news recently for not standing up for the national anthem, and instead kneeling down when the anthem is on, something that causes an uproar among fans, agents and US Citizens.

Come 2017, Colin Kaepernick is a free agent, looking for a team to pick him up, but yet to find a team, and Donald Trump believes the NFL is afraid to pick him up because they are scared of his tweet towards them.

During his early campaign in Louisville, Donald Trump brought up the issue of Colin Kaepernick, and takes credit for his current situation of not finding a new team, Trump said;

And you know, your San Francisco quarterback — I’m sure nobody ever heard of him. I’m just reporting the news. There was an article today. I love to report the news and then they said I made a mistake. I said, ‘No, the people reporting the news made the mistake if it’s wrong.’ But, there was an article today that was reported that NFL owners don’t want to pick him up because they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump. You believe that? I just saw that. I said, ‘If I remember that one, I’m gonna report it to the people of Kentucky because they like it when people actually stand for the American flag.’ Right?

Donald Trump is referencing an article on Bleacher on Friday, when an anonymous NFL executive, and AFL general manager talk about the Donald Trump tweet. The report reads;

“He can still play at a high level,” one AFC general manager said. “The problem is three things are happening with him.

“First, some teams genuinely believe that he can’t play. They think he’s shot. I’d put that number around 20 percent.


“Second, some teams fear the backlash from fans after getting him. They think there might be protests or [President Donald] Trump will tweet about the team. I’d say that number is around 10 percent. Then there’s another 10 percent that has a mix of those feelings.”

Kaepernick took knee last season for racial injustice, but he had said he won't be taking a knee in the 2017 season.