domestic violence in vietnam

Pham Thi Thuy Dung, a 16 year girl in Viet Nam has set the internet abuzz in Vietnam when she decided to write about how a famous sports presenter for Vietnamese national television,VTV, Minh Tiep has constantly abuse her. The courage from Dung has now gained very high momentum as Vietnamese netizens have rallied round this girl who had boldly came out to let the world know the abuse she suffers from her brother-in-law.

According to the story posted by Dung, she wasn't the only one suffering from Minh, but Minh also beat his wife at different times whenever there is misunderstanding in their marriage. 


Dung said she had suffered violence and was beaten throughout her 6th grade year, and because her sister had suffered the same fate, she had no choice than to kneel down most times and cry her eyes out. Dung wrote in her long Facebook post that Minh had spied on her, though he was unsure of his tactics, but his major reason when he started beating her was because she had a crush on a school mate.

Minh according to  Dung would hit her on her thighs and legs so that the bruises would be hidden from her classmates, and neighbours. 

She wasn't only beaten because of a crush on some boys, Minh would hit her if she scores low marks at the school. 

Time To Say No

On Friday, which was the last day of the school year, 16 year old Dung hanged out with friends, and was tired from all the activities. She went home, and was in bed from 6pm - 11pm. When she got up, she knew it was late, and decided to take showers before Minh get back from his own hangout.

When Minh got home, he unfortunately met Dung still at the bathroom, and yelled at her saying " Hurry up you b****, what the f*** have you been doing all day to only take a bath now?" When Dung went of the bathroom, he murmured some words which seem to sound insulting to Minh, and he called her back to repeat the word that was murmured, she responded  “I said it already, if you didn’t hear it I wouldn’t say again”, while walking away, Minh Minh pulled her back with her hair, and his fingers pointing at her face “Repeat what you just said! You believe I can slap you to death?” and I said: “Do it, I dare you touch me”.


Minh landed a heavy slap on Dung, and throw her aside. This time, Dung believed she won't go down easily, and gathered all her 16 year old strength to hit Minh, but when she did hit him, he dislocated her joint immediately.

The VTV sports commentary staff went on to punch the 16 year old straight in the face, mouth. Dung then lashed out at him with verbal abuse while walking away, Minh followed her, and continue to beat her, targeting her legs, thigh and her back area. It took the strength of the wife and maid to rescue Dung from the grip of Minh.


Character Assassination

Dung believes the next line of action is to expose the abuse she had suffered with Minh, and she went on Facebook to detailed all the abuse and what happened to her. The post was shared and later went viral among netizens in Vietnam. 

With Minh personality in check, Dung, who had been staying with Minh and his sister was called back home to their house in Ninh Binh, a two hour journey by coach from Hanoi.

In Ninh Binh, Dung mobile phones, tablets were seized from her, and the family, together with Minh Tiep are looking to discredit Dung confession by saying she is schizophrenic, and had called her a "spoiled brat" and a girl that cheats in exams, rude to teachers and all round troublemaker.


                            Dung exam score as shared online

According to some students and teachers that had testified about the character of Dung, they have only showered her praises, and also from the school reports that have now been seen by our reporters in Vietnam, Dung is an excellent student with good grades.

Dung family, including her sister abroad have all come in support of Minh Tiep. The sister of Dung abroad said that Dung makes up stories, and he is a genius in making up stories like this.


Rumour has it that Dung father, who also is a director of a central maternity hospital might be able to work out some patient report record that will show  that Dung is suffering from Schizophrenia, and thereby discrediting her story.

Currently a campaign to help Dung from her family has gained 43k people, while th maximum person needed to take action is 50,000.

Written by Trang "Michelle" Nguyen


domestic violence in Vietnam

The Vietnamese netizens were outraged after a photo surfaced online of a makeup artist nicknamed DA. The photo showed the lady with bruised faces and swollen lips after being beaten by 5 different ex-boyfriends. Tragic!!!!

Lamenting on her Facebook page, the lady said she is now dating the same type of men for the 5th time, and she only shares the photos not to forget the memories of  the time she passed through. How many people can bring happiness to you? And if you do not love, it goes by. I just want to be happy like everyone else, why is heaven unfair to me? DA said.


The story of the young lady has gone viral among the Vietnamese netizens after the photo was uploaded, the photo had been share almost 11,000 times and counting. 

A lot of netizens have sent their encouraging words to the lady. DA is currently working as a makeup artist in Hanoi, Vietnam and is currently dating a new boyfriend who she said they had known each other for only a year, but just like the four before him, the current lover had started beating her abusing her person. She said the current lover seems to be the worst out of the four.

She had been told to breakup with the current boyfriend and to get out of violent relationship. 


She finally decided to heed to the advice of the netizens and posted a new status update about her relationship, she said ; I have decided to break up, and even don't want to be friend with him anymore. I have decided to be alone, am not weak anymore. I have only posted on my Facebook to remember and I have determined to abandon this relationship, At the same time a lesson for many other girls. 

We hope the lady will find a man that will love and respect her for who she really is. 

Doy News Correspondent In Vietnam Have This To Say;

This is shocking to me, i must confess, i think the men should be arrested and woman should never be treated as punching bags. I have always believed Vietnamese men to be romantic, caring and all that lovely things we see in movies. 

I have known them to always take their girls out, and you can see them by the lakeside every evening, but what you just told me is surprising. I believe this is just a little fraction of the male Vietnamese as i believed they are not violent people.

As for the lady in question, I wish she find real love soon. Domestic violence is everywhere, people should be educated about it and learn to ride along.

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