France plane crash

A Russian passenger plane operated by  Saratov Airlines, carrying 65 passengers and six crew on board has crashed after a takeoff from Moscow.

The plane had left Moscow’s Domodedovo airport en route to the city of Orsk. According to eyewitness account, the plane exploded midair, with witnesses saying that the plane had broke in two midair before dropping from the sky.


Rescuers were quick to appear on the scene of the crash, and the black box of the plane has been recovered.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry says that it is trying to verify that the plane went down southeast of Moscow. 

The explosion of the flight is now treated as a "criminal investigation". According to the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, the communication with the flight was lost a few minutes after takeoff.

The Germanwings Airbus A320 that crashed has revealed information from the cockpit voice recording that one of the pilots in the Airbus left a few minutes of the crash and could not get inside the cockpit. The black box revealed that the descent of the aircraft occurred after one of the co-pilots left the cockpit, killing 150 people on board. 

It is not yet known which of the pilots left the cockpit, according to Marseille Prosecutor Brice Robin and the French Aviation Authority Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses : 

   Mr Robin could not say why the pilot left or why he could not get back in but apparently was attempting to smash the door down as it plunged from cruising height of 38,000ft to the crash moment eight minutes later.


The revelation raises the prospect for the first time that the crash of the German budget aircraft was not an accident or mechanical fault but a purpose action by a copilot, possibly an act of terrorism.

He confirmed only one black box recorder had been found but they had 32 minutes of the one found and analysed. For the first 20 minutes the two pilots chatted amicably including about the eventual landing procedure.

You can hear the chair pushed back and he went away to go to the toilet. The other copilot was alone when the descent button was actioned at that altitude. It was a “voluntary act”. The captain is then heard knocking and ringing the cockpit to get back in but his colleague was not answering. The copilot was alive though because his breathing could be heard. Contact could also be heard from a ground air control tower but there was no response from the cockpit.

This was a voluntary choice to destroy this plane … we ask the German authorities to ask more about the German pilot, his family and his environment

Investigators revealed that the co-pilot refused to open the cabin door, and actioned the button for a descent, as opposed to its been a mechanical fault. Names of the pilots is yet to be revealed.

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