When you are about hosting your new website or purchasing a new domain name, the name Godaddy is one of those names you want to look out for, because they are always in your face, either with advertisement, or with a great brand they seem to have carved over the years.

What most people sometimes fail to realise about Godaddy is that it is just another overrated brand that bask in the glory of the past and with fierce advertisement of its opponents, it might just lose its popularity as most of my customers are moving away now, thanks to the frustrating program they still use in 2017, and their money-grabbing approach at every opportunity they can get from their clients.


If you are a developer, or had worked with Godaddy in the past, Do you think Godaddy is worth spending your next dollar? Should you spend your next dollar buying anything from Godaddy? These and other questions, I will write in my review of Godaddy, based on my past and current experience with their services.

Godaddy Is Not Progressive: Godaddy is an old company you know, but Godaddy is one of those companies that denies user of basic addons you should have, especially if you are using the Godaddy shared hosting. 

If you are hosting a small business website that requires little or no quick update, then you should go ahead and use Godaddy for your hosting, but using Godaddy for hosting a 15-20 pages of website is a pain in the wrong places.

Cpanel is a file manager that allows you to upload your website files using different compressed methodology, which is sometimes the .zip method. So which means if you have a 500mb zipped folder with more than 10,000 files, you can upload the zip file rather quickly with your cpanel, and when it is uploaded, you then unzip it. This whole process can be less than 5-15mins depending on your connection.


                                     Godaddy file manager 2017

This is what most web-hosting companies now use, from Bluehost, A2 hosting, hostgator and others, but Godaddy had denied their customers of this fast approach, instead they are left with Godaddy's own file manager which is worst and goes down in the middle of an upload.

The Godaddy cpanel goes down, and your zp file not uploaded. I had tried using this many times, and I always end up frustrated with this out-of-touch Godaddy file manager. It looks like something a toddler programmer had written when doing their internship in Godaddy. 

In one of my discussion, I have an e-commerce website with over 60,000 files, and not using the Ultimate web hosting Linux package, with my dedicated IP address. 

We had issues with the website after spammers invaded the site Database, so re-uploading our backup folder took around 24hours. This is actually a fact, and not an alternative. We had to do this via filezilla program to get all files online.

This means if we uploaded the wrong folders, and re-do this, this will be 48hrs uploading all these files, and we run an e-commerce website, you can imagine the loss, and angry buyers that will await us, including those waiting for orders to be completed, a 10-15mins task using Godaddy file manager takes 24hrs.

I had complained about this to Godaddy. Godaddy needs to update its file manager to allow fast upload of files document, as it seems buggy, stopping between uploads is not something that should happen everytime.

If you want a simple folder uploaded, maybe few 100s, then the file manager is great, and you might not not experience interruption, anything else is uncomfortable.

Godaddy seems to have the Cpanel package, but you have to pay an extra for it, which leads me to the second rant of Godaddy business.

Godaddy Money Grabbing Strategy: Godaddy loves money, and they will do anything to get it from you. The customer service team seems to be well-trained in this money grabbing strategy, and nothing is free in Godaddy's world. No help is rendered unless you want to pay for it.

Web hosting companies seems to provide some basic strategy, and one of it is Backup and restore. And some hosting companies will do a backup for you few times, and I have seen hosting companies help revive my site after an error. The site was restored to a week earlier, which was Ok.

In the case of Godaddy, restoring a site, no matter what will take a chump of $150 from your bank. You will be told, "We are sorry, but unless payment is made, we cannot give you the file".

To be clear on this, I think everyone should have a backup of their website, but the truth is most of Godaddy users are not tech-people with great knowledge, and that is one of the reasons they had trusted Godaddy in the first place, as it brand itself as the hosting company that will help people with less knowledge of managing their website.

I have been quoted $150 twice for restoration, and you should also know that sometimes, your backup is not guaranteed, they need to check, and if they see they have it, they will ask you to pay for it.

I once had issues with Bluehost SSL some months back, and I contacted Bluehost support, and help was granted. I was told where I was wrong, and it was fixed in less than 2mins, and the client had their SSL just 10mins after I was given the job.

Two days ago, all was in place for Godaddy hosting, customer had issues, and in-house developer had issues, and I was called in. I tried it too, but SSL was not displaying correctly, and when I talked to Godaddy, I was told if they can deduct $90 from the card on file to fix the error. We went with another SSL certificates, and all was in place in less than 10mins.

Godaddy Support: Godaddy is great in this area. The tech support are nothing but great, except the fact that when you need something, they want to sell it to you without other viable options. I know business might be about making money, but when good and viable options are available, I will prefer that is given than trying to shove everything down my throat.

A French friend once complained about how the French customer service speaks French, but the lady had no knowledge or technical knowledge of what he asked, even though he was delighted about speaking to a French customer care agent, but disappointed that she had no basic technical knowledge of what was discussed, and that was a little frustrating


Today i will like to share with on how to know if a particular domain name is registered or still available to be used. Domain names are the address you typed on the browser address tab. Example is,, and many more.

                   Domain name

Sometimes you want to use a nice domain name for your business or personal websites, but you find it hard to get one as all names seem to be picked by someone else or business, these names are sometimes bought by people, but not using them yet,  this might be domain name squatting or they plan to use it in the near future.

So in this blog section today, i want to help you learn how you can search your domain name today to know if it's registered or not.

When you decide on the domain name you planned using,most website hosting companies always have a DOMAIN NAME SEARCH BAR to help you search the availability of domain names.

           Go daddy domain search bar

            This is Godday domain name search bar, note that other web hosting company have the same feature

Find A Web Hosting Company:  Type a name you desire for your domain name, immediately you typed the domain name, it will show you if it is available for purchase or not. Most web hosting companies will show you suggestions of what you searched for.   

Also, not everbody needs a .com for their business, you can also search extensions like  .biz, .net, .org, .in, .in, .me, .pro,, .info, .Asia and much of it, you can also choose the extension you like to use, according to your business or country.

The domain you would love to use might be parked by another user, what that means is, the person possibly bought the domain for usage later or bought the domain to be sold to someone that loves the name (domain squatting). Though it is illegal, but it varies. So if you need to buy a domain name from someone that had already bought the domain name, you can check their data from : : This is an awesome way to check if your domain is registered or not.This website will give you selections of other available domain names incase what you wanted to use is registered by someone else. Whois also shows you all the information of the domain name like : domain ID, Registrant email, phone number and every information about the owner of the particular domain name. I think its cool..Maybe not :(

You can back order a domain from this website: Back order as display on this website means you can pay for the domain, but you won't have any access to it,  but if the original owner of this domain fails to pay after it the domain name expires, then the domain name is gone, it will be automatically yours.

So you must be careful and not let your domain name expire especially if its for business as it may damage the business online and reputation.

Buy All Extensions (Safe Guard Your Company Domain Name And Integrity)

If you plan to buy a domain name and having a big vision ahead, buy the important extensions aside from .com.  If you typed in your web browser,, it automatically redirects you to the same Which means, Facebook bought out the .Org , so someone won't just buy it and use the name Facebook to build its own brand, because probability of people looking up is high.  

Some of the extensions you need buy are .org, .info, .biz and .com. You can also buy the domain from the country you staying, like That means a Nigerian domain name, or Which means Canadian extension domain name. Try, what do you see?

This is good if you are planning big on your project.

You should do this because some people online can buy one of this extension for as low as $9.99, and use it to deceive people and mislead people by saying its the same company,so to be safe is better than sorry and you also help your clients to trust your organization too. Hope this helps you on how to choose and search for your domain name easily online and how to be safe.

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A domain name is not so expensive but at the same time, not so cheap. If you need a guide in buying a domain name, read here. This week, I could get a domain name for 0.99 cent and was thrilled to share with you.  I had to call the technical support to be sure am not dreaming; I asked twice, and the agent at the other end couldn't help but smile when he heard how surprised I was.

To get a domain name for 0.99 cent now, Visit When you're there, just go ahead and purchase your domain name. The good news is that they accept all payment cards and pay pal. The registration is easy, and you can acquire a domain name. The domain name is valid for a year, and you can purchase 5. 99usd after a year...whoops...go ahead and have fun getting your domain name.


You can purchase your domain for the month of May from godaddy for just $2. This is also cheap if you love Godaddy. However, you need a promo code to be able to purchase your domain for this little fee. The promo code is 199scott. Insert the promo code and you will be good to go. The downside is you can't use your pay pal for this transaction but all payment cards are allowed. If you don't know how to go about using your Visa, MasterCard or any card you holding, call godaddy customer care centre on +18664632339. You can call them for free on skype and they will help with purchasing your domain.

Remember when singing for favor from someone that is passing by you, you don't kneel down to receive it, you stand up to grab the favor ---African Adage

Goodluck with your new domain