How To Buy A New Domain Name For Your Website

Today i will like to share with on how to know if a particular domain name is registered or still available to be used. Domain names are the address you typed on the browser address tab. Example is,, and many more.

                   Domain name

Sometimes you want to use a nice domain name for your business or personal websites, but you find it hard to get one as all names seem to be picked by someone else or business, these names are sometimes bought by people, but not using them yet,  this might be domain name squatting or they plan to use it in the near future.

So in this blog section today, i want to help you learn how you can search your domain name today to know if it's registered or not.

When you decide on the domain name you planned using,most website hosting companies always have a DOMAIN NAME SEARCH BAR to help you search the availability of domain names.

           Go daddy domain search bar

            This is Godday domain name search bar, note that other web hosting company have the same feature

Find A Web Hosting Company:  Type a name you desire for your domain name, immediately you typed the domain name, it will show you if it is available for purchase or not. Most web hosting companies will show you suggestions of what you searched for.   

Also, not everbody needs a .com for their business, you can also search extensions like  .biz, .net, .org, .in, .in, .me, .pro,, .info, .Asia and much of it, you can also choose the extension you like to use, according to your business or country.

The domain you would love to use might be parked by another user, what that means is, the person possibly bought the domain for usage later or bought the domain to be sold to someone that loves the name (domain squatting). Though it is illegal, but it varies. So if you need to buy a domain name from someone that had already bought the domain name, you can check their data from : : This is an awesome way to check if your domain is registered or not.This website will give you selections of other available domain names incase what you wanted to use is registered by someone else. Whois also shows you all the information of the domain name like : domain ID, Registrant email, phone number and every information about the owner of the particular domain name. I think its cool..Maybe not :(

You can back order a domain from this website: Back order as display on this website means you can pay for the domain, but you won't have any access to it,  but if the original owner of this domain fails to pay after it the domain name expires, then the domain name is gone, it will be automatically yours.

So you must be careful and not let your domain name expire especially if its for business as it may damage the business online and reputation.

Buy All Extensions (Safe Guard Your Company Domain Name And Integrity)

If you plan to buy a domain name and having a big vision ahead, buy the important extensions aside from .com.  If you typed in your web browser,, it automatically redirects you to the same Which means, Facebook bought out the .Org , so someone won't just buy it and use the name Facebook to build its own brand, because probability of people looking up is high.  

Some of the extensions you need buy are .org, .info, .biz and .com. You can also buy the domain from the country you staying, like That means a Nigerian domain name, or Which means Canadian extension domain name. Try, what do you see?

This is good if you are planning big on your project.

You should do this because some people online can buy one of this extension for as low as $9.99, and use it to deceive people and mislead people by saying its the same company,so to be safe is better than sorry and you also help your clients to trust your organization too. Hope this helps you on how to choose and search for your domain name easily online and how to be safe.

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