how to spot a serial cheater

A Nigerian man was disgraced on the street by his wife who had caught the man cheating with another woman, Carol. The woman reportedly caught the duo in the act and demanded an answer to what they are doing, but after she wasn't getting a response, she dragged the husband with his manhood and down the street.


The woman was also furious with Carol, who had tried to calm the wife by telling her she never knew the man in question was already married. The woman was angry at the excuse and instead slapped Carol in the face, saying;  "How can you see a grown up man like this and think he is single? You are lying as you can even see he is clean, to show that someone is taking care of him. You are a prostitute and I will teach you a lesson.”

The man was then pulled away with his manhood, while the woman yelled at him.

You are a cheat, i feel bad for giving you my heart, what else do you want, we went on trips together on my salary, i paid your 6 months house rent in advance and the other bills monthly. I gave you some money to give your parents for this coming festive period and the best reward for being true to our love is bring another woman to your home, on the same bed i thought i was the only woman on it. How many women do you sleep with each week? I want to go inside this house...This was the shouting and wailing of a lady that woke me up last night.

Now let us back up few days ago so you can understand the gist.

A picture had surfaced online recently of a man by the name of Lye who had reported a cheating "pregnant" wife to his man. The couple who had gone to see a football game together and was enjoying the game( at least that was what the husband thought), but the lady, instead was writing another man with the name "Jason" . The lady was saying things like

"I wish I was with you all day,” and, “I will see you as soon as I’m done with him.”

The man seeing this had done what a "bro" would do to another bro, according to the Bro code by Barney Stinson :) and write on a paper to the "supposed" husband about the infidelity after the game.


A lot of people criticized him for his act, while others have applauded him for his act. It is easy to pass a judgement when you are not the actor/player in the scene. But what do you do when the ball is in your court?

My Own Case

I had known this dude and I have seen him with countless of ladies, he never seems to stop and sometimes I wonder why girls go to him. Why enter into a relationship with someone that will ruin your love life. I will say he manipulates ladies.

I have kept my nose out of it, until i met a divorced lady in that same trap. While most ladies will see me and ignore while i look at them in shame and pity, they keep smiling and fondling around him, some find it difficult to say HI, they prefer to look away. So i let their ego takes them to wherever. 

But this divorcee always want to know how I am doing, she will always say hi. He loves to hang out with me and talks about life, and sometimes I just want to tell him she is going to be another divorcee soon. But i don't want to betray the other guy who is a friend, but i also will hate to see  this young lady going through another breakup. 

She had done a lot for this dude, that is so obvious and this man won't deny it ...It is obvious. She had done a lot than any of the ladies i had known including the one shouting last night.

This lady was with the dude last night, and another lady, let us call her lady B came into the dude's place and started knocking, their house not far from my house woke me up and i had to see what was happening. The divorcee was inside and another lady is here. It was like a movie.

The dude came out and tell lady B to go away for intruding and not letting him know she was coming, she left and came back after few minutes and that was when the shouting, wailing and recounts of their past started. This happened for a long time till 1:00am. All this time, the man will go inside and come back out after few minutes to check the other lady.

But it was like the divorcee had a foam to her ear or she was told something else, she never came out to see what was happening. I was wondering what she was told that allowed her stayed inside amidst a noise that woke me up.

This morning i had seen her smiling and holding this man again and playing Romeo and Juliet(divorcee). I don't know if to let her know she is with a serial cheater or let her stay and swim in her own "Relationship blindness" I thought Love had open eyes and not blind, but am sure this divorcee kind of love is not just blind, but deaf....

Should i wake her up her, or let her continue sleeping ? 

I hope Paul can help with this,  i will be checking the comment section...

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