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Trump impeachment

After months of investigations on President Trump call urging the Ukranian President to investigate his political rival and leading Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. On Wednesday night, the US President was officially impeached after two articles of impeachment passed the house.

The first article of impeachment charge the president for abuse of power, with the house voting 230-197. Two democrat voted NO on impeachment. The second article of impeachment accuses Trump of obstructing congress with a vote of 229-198, both tried to Ukrainian scandal.


While many members of congress have always called for Trump impeachment, the House Democratic leader have hesitated to impeach Trump, and Nancy Pelosi in one of her speech believes President Trump was "goading" the house to impeach him. The impeachment next step is moving to the Republican-controlled Senate.

Before Trump, only 2 US Presidents,  Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998. Richard Nixon instead of allowing the house to proceed with impeachment resigned from office in 1974.

The latest impeachment does not mean Trump will be removed from office as Democrats will need 67 members of the senate to have the vote to convict him


President Park Geun-hye is impeached. The constitutional court upheld the decision of the ruling, making Park the first democratically elected president to be removed by impeachment after a corruption scandal involving Park and her longtime friend Choi Soon-sil.


Chief justice Lee Jung-Mi, while delivering the court ruling said Park's action had "seriously impaired the spirit of... democracy and the rule of law," he then added; "President Park Geun-Hye... has been dismissed."

The impeachment has stripped Park of legal shields blocking her prosecution, and this might be an open season on the former president of South Korea.



Brazil's President, Dilma Rousseff has been ousted from the office after a vote of the country's senate on Wednesday. The senate voted 61-20 after she was accused of moving public funds to close budget holes.

Former Vice President Michel Temer, who has been the interim president afterDilma Rousseff suspension in May will resume the office of the presidency, and will be sworn-in to rule the country through 2018, and will also be attending the G20 summit after his swearing-in ceremony.


The impeachment process lasted 274 days, after an economic crisis and a corruption scandal involving the state-run oil company Petrobras. She was also accused of drawing the country into recession.

Dilma Rousseff and her supporters have tagged the impeachment a silent "coup", and would likely appeal the decision in the country's supreme court.

In the 14hours session on Monday, Dilma Rousseff maintained her innocence, saying;

 I know I will be judged, but my conscience is clear. I did not commit a crime.

The president is to leave the presidential residence to her home in southern Rio Grande do Sul state.