iphone 6s

John McAfee of the McAfee antivirus software on live TV tutored the FBI and everyone on how to crack the iPhone or any other phone out there on National TV, and he did all of it in just 4 minutes. The CEO was asked about the recent iPhone of the San Bernardino attacker which Apple has said can't be unlocked because the FBI already tampered with its security.


Watch the interview here of John McAfee on how to unlock the iPhone security:



The CEO of Apple also said that the logic of the government saying that Apple should make a software that will unlock just 1 iPhone is not true, as the software will be used to open other phones in the future.


A Chinese sperm bank might have found a way to lure men into donating their sperm by promising them the new iPhone 6s. Chinese sperm banks in recent times have been faced with low sperm donors, and their marketing team came up with the idea of rewarding sperm donors between 5,000 Yuan (US$785.68) and 6,000 yuan (US$942.82), a reward good enough to purchase the 16GB version of the iPhone 6s when it is finally out.


Different sperm banks have also decided to use the idea to get more sperm donors and have placed different digital ads and newspaper ads to get prospective donors.

One of the hospital who is using the advertisement is Renji hospital, and they are promising donors $942 for a 40 millilitres donation and a free medical check up. The donation can be done over several sessions in 6 months stretch since each stretch can only produce 2-6 millilitres of a sperm sample.

Another hospital using the newspaper ad is a Jiangsu sperm bank, who had recently raised their own fee from $549 to $785. 

In 2011, a lot of Chinese were selling their kidneys to be able to afford the iPhone and iPads. But a Hubei sperm back is now using the catch phrase "you don't have to sell a kidney" to buy an iPhone 6S anymore", as they are ready to pay for sperm donors, their ad says.