Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

As Drake kick-starts his European tour this weekend, the king of pop is removing a song featuring Michael Jackson that had appeared on his Scorpion album, “Don’t Matter to Me.”

Drake on his start of his tour in U.K at Manchester Arena on Sunday (Mar. 10), fans noticed that he had the same songlist he had during his U.S. last year’s “Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour,” only that this time, he had axed Jackson's  “Don’t Matter to Me.” and “Rock With You”.


The new action by the Drake is due to the new documentary, "Leaving Neverland", that was recently released, in which two young boys, Wade Robson and James Safechuck alleged that Michael Jackson had sexually abused them when they were kids.

Aside from Drake's action, Canada and New Zealand radio have said they will be removing Jackson's playlist from airing, and also the Simpsons has removed an episode that features Jackson's voice from rotation.


I just sit down and reminisce on the life around us, and some questions pop up to my head like :

WHAT IF school is a lie? This is a place we were taught about fundamental human rights, but never get to experience it. Look at the happenings in the USA today. Eric Garner was killed and nothing was found on him, still the police that killed him were allowed to go scot-free. Did you notice the hate and rage inside the policemen when he was pinned down? So let us assume there is nothing like human rights any longer.


WHAT IF our justice system is a lie, I read a narrative of a man that was in prison because he was walking in the night without Identity Card, he was there for 6 months without court hearing date. I saw Trayvon Martins killed by a man that looks like 150kg and he said Trayvon Martins overpowered him and therefore killed him. The man was freed at last. I saw the news of #EricGarner and how the police involved in his murder case was allowed to go because.......... (fill in this gap). I saw Michael Brown case on TV and wonder what went wrong, i saw the scene of the incident from the point of the shot fired and where his lifeless body lay. The policeman in a television interview said, i will do it again.

I read the news about Former governor of Bayelsa state in Nigeria released to Nigeria from the UK because the current president of Nigeria was his deputy governor, so he is helping his boss. The same man will contest for the House Of Senate Soon. The same man that stole billions of dollars and invest in properties in the UK...hic hic

I read the news of how Ishola Oyenusi was shot for stealing #10 (0.0556050 USD, not up to 1 cent) was killed by firing squad in Lagos square but Stella Oduah, the recent Minister Of Aviation went away with #225m (1,251,112.50 USD) and was only allowed to resign. 

Do you remember the  Bhopal disaster that killed thousands, render thousands of Indians homeless and also disabled. Do you know that company that had the gas leak still exist today in India and was not asked to stop operations? Is that the Justice system you want me to believe or can we assume it is a lie?

Oh My God!!! Do you remember Agent Orange in Viet Nam? Have you seen children affected by this disease? Do you know an American company Mosanto produced this for the USA Army during the Viet Nam war and they were never indicted for War crimes. Ohh Saddam Hussein is dead though for war crimes...

WHAT IF Ebola Virus was something released in Africa to let the world focus on something else. What if the Ebola virus was something that was prepared by the western world and use the African population as a test subject knowing fully well Africans are gullible and will sell their citizen for a nickel. WHAT IF HIV/AIDS was created to stop polygamous marriage in Africa since Africa love having more than one wife and it later turns to an Epidemic we cannot stop till date?

WHAT IF 9/11 was a conspiracy we will never unravel it's mystery because some people actually gained from it and put the blame on Osama Bin Laden. A lot of architects still argue till date on how the collapse actually happened. RIP to those that lost their lives in the incident.

WHAT IF Michael Jackson never had intimate experience with the lady that claimed he did and never had any intimate experience with the kids he was accused of. WHAT IF Bill Cosby was actually innocent but is currently being attacked by a group at his old age because he won't dance to their tune.

WHAT IF illuminati is real and they ruled the world we live in? what if they actually control the music we listens to? What if all the famous musicians are in this cult group?

WHAT IF America is not the land of the free it claims to be. What If the best place to live in 2014 is North Korea? 

WHAT IF the government already knows the real news behind MH370 but will not tell the world because it might start another civil war.

WHAT IF the policemen that have been assigned to protect the citizens are actually Government dogs to oppress people all over the world?

What is your own WHAT IF? Can you send to our email or write in the comment below. We will love to read from you......


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