The giant of Africa, Nigeria, once again took a massive hop leaving the other African countries behind in it's new co-operation with Mastercard. Mastercard in collaboration with the Nigeria government recently upgraded the National identity card(Neid) to a three in one card that will allow not only Nigerians to present it as an ID card, but also as an electronic payment.


The credit-card styled card will allow Nigerians deposit fund, pay for goods as well as withdraw cash from any ATM in the country while also serving as a proof of identity. 

This card shows that Nigeria is not relenting in it's effort to introduce technology to it's citizen.



Abuja, Nigeria:  A recent bomb blast rocked Emab Plaza in Abuja, Nigeria and killed 21 innocent lives. The Nigeria president had to leave the African Union summit to attend to this issue right back in the country.

On June 25th, a bomb went off in Abuja, the Nigeria capital, killing 21 people and others running helter-skelter. The deadly sect Boko-harm are behind the killing of people in groups and letting a bomb goes off.


Please this video you are about to watch, Viewers discretion is strong advised.


This might be one of the saddest news coming from Nigeria aside from the kidnapping from the schools as one of the most powerful woman is said to be dead. 

Dora Akunyi was the president of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Accroding to family sources, she was said to be dead in an Indian hospital where she is said to be receiving treatments.


Dora Akunyili is a very strong woman and one of the powerful woman that shook the heart of many food and drug smugglers and counterfeit drug company that had killed a lot of Nigerians in the past. She had burnt down and closed down a lot of companies that are selling fake products. While in office, assassination attempt was planned to bring her down, but she survived. She was later transferred to the ministry of Information where head before leaving office. 

She will be missed by Nigerians, Dora is a fighter for the poor Nigerian masses. she was aged 59.

RIP great Heroine


The Nigeria police today offered a reward for information on the recently abducted school girls in Chibok, Borno State Nigeria. Tweeting from the Nigeria police force today, the police will offer a reward money of $300,000 to anyone with reliable information.

More than 200 schools girls were abducted by the deadly terrorist group called Boko haram, which means No to western Education in Hausa language.

The picture below show the news as posted on the Ngeria police force website

It will be recalled that the terrorist sect do kill anybody or group that says anything negative to their views or kill anyone that comes forward to report it's activities. Hope anyone giving information will be given a group witness protection program and not about the money offered.

At Doynews, we say #BringOurGirlsBack


For the past 3 weeks now, 200 Nigeria girls in Nigeria have gone missing. The girls were abducted at a town in Nigeria called Chibok in Borno State during their examination (WAEC). A lot of protesters have been on the street nationwide in the country demanding for the return of the girls that were abducted.

In a recent video, released by the deadly Boko haram group that have been terrorizing the Nigeria commnunity, the video shows the leader of the group Abubakar Shekau saying that his group adducted the girls and e plans on marrying the girls to the highest bidder in neighbouring countries or selling them off.

The 38 seconds video shows Abubakar Shekau smiling and said:

  "I abducted the girls at a western education school and you are distrubed, I said western education should end. Western Education should end. Girls you should go and get married. I abducted your girls. I will sell them in the market, by Allah.There is a market for selling human.Allah says i should sell, he commands me to sell."

Watch the video below



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