Olamide Baddo latest song, Who You Epp? was of no doubt one of the most played songs recently, and also remixed by A-listers Nigerian rappers. One of the remix of the song was from Phyno and Wande Coal, and Olamide seems to have said that he loves the Wande Coal tune on the remix, so he decided to drop a video to make it official.


The video was directed by Sesan.

The song "who you epp" had fans guessing maybe it was a diss to popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, who is currently not in good terms with a lot of Nigerian musicians, including Wizkid and Olamide.

One of the singers in Olamide record label, Viktoh, in the remix of "Who you epp" mentioned Linda Ikeji directly, making fans believe that he is the trump of Olamide, by saying what he (Olamide) is thinking.


US rapper, Wale, was on Hot 97 with Ebro, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez where he talked about his last album, and also on his new album "Shine". The rapper talks about great music in the upcoming album, and even though he took some risks with the last album when he follows the trend, Shine would be about him and his music.


The rapper also talks about his visit to Nigeria and talks about Wizkid, Davido and Olamide for making good music. Wale said while he was in Nigeria, he made around 6 songs with different Nigerian artistes, and also use the medium to reach his family.

Wale said he would love for Wizkid to be signed to Roc Nation, and he talked to the boys at Roc Nation, but it seems it was ahead of his time. Wale said it would have made a lot of money for both parties if they did.

Wale, while commenting on the Drake number one Billboard song "One Dance" ft Wizkid and Kayla, the rapper said he loved the music, and he had listened to it, but he would have love to hear more of Wizkid on that track because that song is more of Wizkid.

There is no release date for the "Shine" album

Watch the video here: 


What are we going to do under the blanket? Well listen to Olamide and Orezi tell you about their plan with a lady under the blanket. This is the Alhaji Orezi remix of the "Under the blanket" track off the "The Ghen Ghen album".


The video is clean cut, directed by Unlimited LA, and this will get you moving your body in no time..

Have a fun-filled weekend.




Since the emergence of Twitter, a lot  of Nigerian celebrities have used it to promote their act, while other celebrities have used it for their personal vendetta, In  Doy News Top 10 today, we will look at some Nigerian celebrities who had once had a fight on Twitter or people with constant issues, and brings it on Twitter.. If we miss anyone, please write it up in the comment section.


Davido: The young and multiple award winner is a constant drama king on Twitter. Since he came into the spotlight and turned into A-list celebrity, he had issues with different people, including family members.

Davido latest tweet was when he called out one of his cousins, who was also a musician, and accused them of hating on his new signee, Mayorkun, because he had 1million views on YouTube, while his cousins videos are always crawling.


Davido also had baby mama drama some times ago, and Ovation magazine owners, Dele Momodu was involved in the drama. 

You don't need to be there, because Davido dished out the whole story on his timeline for his fans.

Tonto Dike: Marriage and hard lesson seem to have helped Tonto Dike adjust her online activities. Tonto Dike was a Drama queen before he got married. She would talk about her dogs, her maids and how she helped her pass exams, the gifts given to her by boyfriend, and trust me, you don't dare call her out.

She once talked about how she suffered growing up, and their parents couldn't afford different needs, but her sister had to come out and debunk that rumour. She talked about her boyfriend, then the boyfriend got another girl few days to their wedding, moreover, Boyfriend was also allegedly a "con man" in Dubai.

She had many fights with Linda Ikeji the blogger, and also a fight with Mercy Johnson about her marriage.

Tonto Dike seems to have found a new husband she could work with, and the man seems to have tame her online dramas. Ohh, we miss Tonto Dike drama (kidding).

Dammy Krane: The 21st century Fuji crooner, Dammy Krane seems not to be getting attention at home, and from his label mate. So recently, he decided not to call Wizkid or his management and settle things with them, instead he brought his frustration to Twitter, and threaten the CEO of the Starboy music label.

We don't know if he had some issues with Wizkid before his Twitter tantrum, but he claims to be street, and would do anything to hurt Wizkid for stealing music from his studio. 

The whole drama later ends with Dammy having a swollen lip.

Ben Bruce: The latest Nigerian senator and owner of Silverbird Television is another man that have sponsored a lot of bills on Facebook and Twitter than in the Senate building where he was supposed to solve issues.

The senator is always with a short video every now and then, and using a hashtag #Commonsense. He is now known as the "common sense" senator. 

He does not play around on Twitter, and he is known for calling you out on Twitter if you attack him, though with hilarious comments. 

I am not sure I want to see the next drama Ben will put on Twitter, instead, i would like him to go to the house, and see how jobs can be provided for new graduands of Nigeria University, and they can get paid too..

What about that for common sense?

Linda Ikeji: How can we talk about drama and exempt the blogger queen, Linda Ikeji. Linda Ikeji aside from the feud with different celebrities, driving them into depression mode, and making other nervous, sometimes she can be a drama queen herself.

Recently, Linda Ikeji had a clash with Wizkid about one of the news she posted, and when Wizkid threatened her with his 16-year old, she was so frightened, she ran to the police officers, please save me from "16 year old" Wizkid cousin.Laughing

The only reason she had done that was because her "henchwoman", Laura Ikeji was out-of-town, but still, am not sure a 16 year old will beat Linda, Yes or Yes. What makes her more dramatic was that she was playing the feminism card, and was saying women should stop men from bullying them...yada yada yada. Linda Ikeji, really??





Also, she was recently caught in a dirty and disgraceful "bag" conversation, after she posted a bag, which had cost millions of Naira, and a commenter told her the bag was fake. She was angry and said how would she have bought fake, with the money she has got.

To cut the long story short, the bag snapshot was sent to Hermes, and they confirmed the bag was fake. Maybe we should call Linda, Instagram Drama Queen, but since she shared it cross her social media, we will drop it here.

P-Square & Company: One of the biggest group in Africa, but they also like drama. These twins and their brother had stayed clear away from bloggers and social media drama until recently they seem to have adopted the method of argument to sell albums.

They are now known to bring up some family dirty linen to the public, and next week, an album or single will be released to the public. Talk about a predictable duo.

The group had a "final" social media war with their long-term manager and cousin, Jude Okoye. Peter of the P-Square came on Twitter and said nobody should work with Jude as he is no longer their manager, Jude said Peter needed Prayer, and Paul said he will stay with Jude.

A week ago, it was announced that the group is working on a new video in South Africa. 

They keep threatening fans that care that they will soon stop working as a group, then they release a new single or album. Hopefully, the next press release would be they are no longer working, because myself and concerned internet users can no longer keep up with the drama.

Wizkid: Wizkid is not really a drama king, I will prefer to call him a drama kid. He is well known for attacking Linda Ikeji, and supporting anybody who does want to attack Linda Ikeji. He also likes to reply people who call him out, one of them was Skales.

When Wizkid replies Skales, you would know he fights dirty. He had to talk down to Skales not making any money for the music label when they were together, and he had to give him money sometimes. He ripped out Skales.

Also, when he had contract issues with his old label, EME, he had to come online and talk about being loyal to the label, but not getting anything in return. 

Burna Boy: Who goes on Twitter and threaten to kill bloggers? Ha, it is Burna Boy. Burna Boys had started his career with an awesome single and a very nice album. We all knew he smokes, but it is sad when the smoke filtered into the wrong part of your brain, only to go on Twitter to beat and kill bloggers writing things you don't like.

I think it is safe to say Burna boy is the Twitter drama Rastaman, and we don't believe you Burna, you need more people.Yell

  These bloggers be writing sh*t thinking its a game until I see yall face to face one day nd hospitalize or murk u. We gon meet 1day #onsight”

Olamide: This is Nigeria young thug ,though he makes better music than Young Thug. Olamide is the only guy that goes on Twitter and not scared to use the button to call out his opponent. Olamide will say whatever comes to mind at the time he is with his phone, cuss you out, and threatens you.

Olamide was the first dude that calls out Don Jazzy, and rips into him the way nobody else can. Don Jazzy is one of the most respected musician/producer in Nigeria, and Olamide warned him not to go to the whole of Lagos Mainland, all this on Twitter. Talk about "Rambo" of Twitter, Olamide is your man.

Linda Ikeji scares people, Olamide scares Linda Ikeji away...

And I will say this one time, and one time only, Olamide is our lawyer, don't come for us on Twitter or comment, we will assign Olamide to you Laughing

Tiwa Savage And Teebilz: These two are one of the most loved couple in the Nigeria music scene, but Nigerians also believe they are the Jayz and Beyonce of Nigeria. They seem to follow a lot of Jayz/Beyonce footstep, and are always fast to go on Twitter too.

These couples are just like the Okoye's (Psquare and company). After a fight, a single comes out, and Nigerians go for their jugular.

Though the couple are divorced now, which is sad to see, but while together, these were Number 1 drama king and queen.


Linda Ikeji is the owner of the famous Linda Ikeji blog, and also the richest owner of the gossip blog in Nigeria, but her job sometimes comes with clashes with celebrities, and had exposed a lot of celebrities privacy and family lives, some of these celebrities have gone into a mental breakdown, and some had to go report themselves to the police.

In our Doy News Top 10 today, we will tell you the top 10 celebrities Linda Ikeji had a feud with in the past.


1. Linda Ikeji Versus Tonto Dike: Linda Ikeji seems to have finally dropped Tonto Dike from her blog, or had only written a  few things about her. But this was not the case before now. Both ladies have gone for each other jugular, exchanging tweets and calling themselves derogatory names. 

Their feud seems to start after she accused Linda of a review on her outfit, and said said Linda was a failed model. The rest was history. 

Here are some screenshots we could still grab.


Linda Ikeji Versus Richard Mofe Damijo: Actor and Nigerian politician, RMD also was not too happy with Linda Ikeji after she broke a news of the politician acquiring a 250m Naira mansion. RMD was not happy with the news and even tried possible to sue Linda at some point.

When the news came online, it seems it was exclusive on Linda's blog, this was what RMD wrote:

It has been brought to my attention that one Linda Ikeji character who I understand is a gossip has put up a story about my N250m,” said RMD, who is the Delta State Commissioner for Arts and Culture.

Ordinarily I will never dignify her type with a response but with the calls, texts (and) bbms I (have) received I’d like to sound a warning to her (Ikeji) to desist from fabricating stories about me and get a life.

While admitting that knowing the worth of a property is not rocket science”; RMD advised Ms. Ikeji to find a “dignified career path.”

If you find a dignified career path and work hard at it you will be too busy and successful to spread unfounded lies about people,” RMD said.

Linda Ikeji Versus Stella Dimokokorkus: Both Linda Ikeji and Stella Dimokokorkus used to be good friends, and sometimes, Linda will praise Stella for her bold move in how she reports news, and would even lift news from Stella's blog, as we know, Linda went into blogging as fun, so she never heard or knew about journalism ethics, and won't give credit to Stella's blog, and if the news would be a hard one, or names might be called out, she would refer to Stella, as the original poster of the news.

Stella Dimokokorkus is not someone to fool with, so she went on a tantrum calling out Linda Ikeji.

Oh wait!!! What....It gets better, Stella, Linda and a third person Egor Effiok used to be three best friends, but are sworn enemies now. Linda was accused of having sugar daddies "runz", and another finger pointing to Stella of sleeping with her boss in Nigeria, and the Egor Effiok was angry because Linda Ikeji flaunts her possessions on Instagram...Oh boy....Talk about being a lady...Whaaat.

If you want to read about this Linda Ikeji and Stella's feud, you can grab the juicy gist here.

Linda Ikeji Versus Olamide: I am not sure Linda Ikeji will be writing anything on Olamide or any of his crew member anytime soon. Linda Ikeji is fast to reply celebrities when they come for her, but how do you reply a grown up man that said he is a thug and his mother can't tell him to go back inside their house when he is outside? Omo-ita la wa o, a ki n se omo get inside.

It all started when Linda Ikeji reported the news about Olamide expecting a child from a long time girlfriend outside marriage.  It all went downhill from there, and Linda Ikeji had to apologise to foul-mouthed Olamide who accused "Aunty Linda" of not posting his music or success, but jumped on a bandwagon to post untrue news.

Linda Ikeji Versus Jim Iyke: Jim Iyke was not spared from Linda online "bully". There was a time people believe she is having a crush on Jim Iyke as she posted all round information about Iyke.

Linda Ikeji posted about his debt, his failed TV show, his baby mamas and kids. All efforts by Iyke to ask Linda to stop fell into deaf ear, as Linda seems to have fun teasing the short-tempered actor, who labelled Linda a Hermaphrodite...Burrrrrnnnn

Linda wrote:

        I write about this dude he comes after me on Twitter, but I must do my job na…lol. Nice

Iyke responded and said

It’s my handle and my space. I do wit it wtf I pls. If dat hermophrodite witch LINDA n her lame employees dt like it then hug a transformer!

Linda Ikeji Vs Wizkid: It has been known that all isn't smooth between Wizkid And Linda Ikeji in the past, and both celebrities recently decided to dry up their dirty linen in the public for all to see. 

It all happened after Linda Ikeji said that the "Baba Nla" singer is about to be evicted from his Lekki property, after a lot of his fans had believed he owned the place. 

Wizkid on a good Sunday followed Linda Ikeji on Instagram and wrote every derogatory term he could remember, and also tried to expose Linda of having sex with his director, though she had denied that fact.

It was the recent beef between celebrities in the month of April 2016, as Wizkid threatens to beat her up with the help of his cousin. The Lagos state police commissioner had to intervene to settle the rift, but it seems both won't be drinking from the same bottle soon.

Linda Ikeji Versus Toke Makinwa: Toke Makinwa was not known to Linda Ikeji at some point, (this was what Linda said). Toke Makinwa, a radio presenter was on air and said that Linda Ikeji is not a role model and should never be taken seriously, that was it.

Though Linda Ikeji replied Toke Makinwa with an epistle, but that was it for Toke too, the whole bloggers and people who love reading her blog get to know about Toke relationship status. 

Toke Makinwa who had a very sloppy relationship, with boyfriend of 10 years come and go, Linda Ikeji was able to write all about that gist on her blog every time, and this must be hard on the young lady who is now a vlogger herself.

Linda Ikeji Vs Chris Okotie: Chris Okotie is a pastor and well known in Nigeria, but that does not save him from Linda allegedly twisting one of his sermons. Linda said that the man of God approved that it is fine if Christians have tattoos on their skin.

Though nobody blames Linda, as Chris's speaks English like he lives with Queen Elizabeth, so maybe confusing. 

So to clarify his stance on the issue, Chris Okotie released a press statement.

As you read this, a causal remark made by Rev Okotie in response to a parishioner’s question on the propriety of Christians having tattoos was twisted to portray the man of God as endorsing the untoward practice. 

One Linda Ikeji used her blog to promote this falsehood When a refutal was sent to her, she refused to publish it because invariably it would call to question the credibility of her medium which enjoys considerable following because it is one of those mills whose offering is consumed by the gullible public. In a craze to stay popular on the web and maintain a huge following, bloggers like this often do not bother to ascertain the veracity of stories before publishing. They get away with this professional misconduct because they are not bound by any ethical standard; all they care about is money made from inflicting untold injuries on the integrity of credible citizens. 

This is the down side of the social media. But ultimately, purveyors of falsehood do not last because conscience is an open wound that only truth can heal. You may fool the people some of the time but you cannot fool them all the time. One day monkey will go to the market and will not return, is a local adage. That should be the consolations for victims of the social media mob like Okotie and others who are suffering in silence .The days of the jackals are surely numbered

Linda Ikeji Versus Susan Peters: Linda Ikeji and Nollywood actor, Susan Peters are not friends, after Linda wrote about the actress acquiring expensive gadgets and the latest blackberry phone. She went on to insult the blogger, but Linda Ikeji henchlady, Laura Ikeji also went on twitter to insult Susan, and it was all a mess.

Though Linda apologised privately to Susan, and also did it publicly on her blog after she asked her not to do it publicly, but go to her blog to apologise.

Linda Ikeji Versus Femi Kuti: When Linda blogs, she does not seem to have a border to stop or withheld information or overlook anything, even kids are not spared from her gossips.

Linda Ikeji wrote on her blog that five of Femi Kuti's children were not his kids, and he denied them and asked for DNA testing. Though the story happened 8 years ago, Linda used a recent picture of Femi playing with 2 kids, making the stories look like yesterday.



He asked that the story be pulled and picture be removed immediately.

Linda Ikeji Versus Doynews: On October 2015, Linda Ikeji...lol....She never gets close to us, hopefully she won't Cool. Olamide is our lawyer.

Darey released visuals for his single, "Asiko Laiye", featuring the YBNL CEO, Olamide. The video which shows the struggle of 2 young men with different challenges, and with patience they  were able to achieve their goals.


Asiko Laiye means There is a reward for people that hold on and are strong.



Tiwa Savage's husband, Teebillz, in a recent post on Instagram has posted a subliminal shot to YBNL record CEO, Olamide and other artistes that might be looking into disrespecting Don Jazzy, CEO of Mavin records. Teebillz who seems to be talking after the whole incident at the #Headies2015 posted the picture on his Instagram with caption:


Though Teebillz did not call out any artistes, but this is a clear message to Olamide after his utterances via Twitter to Don Jazzy after the Headies 2015 incident.


Looks like Olamide did not allow the #Headies2015 affected his hard-working mindset, as he released a new patriotic song, "I love Lagos". The YBNL general dropped the song promoting Lagos and showcasing the beautiful places in the country, far from what the foreign media will often show Nigerians abroad, and also hailing the new governor of the state, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

Olamide is one of Nigerian top hard-working musician, and this video is a proof he is still working hard in the studio.


Watch the video here:




The new year 2016 has started with a clash with 2 of the top acts in the Nigeria music scene, Olamide Of YBNL and Don Jazzy Of Mavins records at this year #Headies 2015. The next rated artistes category was between Lil Kesh of YBNL, Reekado Banks of Mavin Records,Korede Bello of Mavin records, Cynthia Morgan of Northside entertainment and Kiss Daniel of G-worldwide.


What Actually Happened

The next rated artiste was given to Reekado Banks of Mavin records, an award that comes with a car. The award that doesn't goes well with Olamide, but he had waited till one of his artistes, Adekunle Gold won the award for best alternative act for his song, Shade.

While receiving the award for his artiste, Olamide took the mic and said;

This award belongs to Lil Kesh. Lil Kesh is our own Next Rated artist. F**k that shit! The streets ti take over. Every f**king single was a hit back to back. From lyrically to Shoki to Efejoku. Ko ni dafun Iya anybody.

Olamide and his crew left the stage and he angrily threw the microphone to the floor.

After Olamide's rant, Don Jazzy won the award of "The lifetime Achievement Award", and when he received the award, he used that opportunity to reply to YBNL Olamide previous rants and said;

Egbon Olamide, if you want the car, come and take it.

A statement that sounds like an insult to Olamide who definitely have garage of cars since climbing the success ladder. He then went on Twitter to tear Don Jazzy bit by bit.




See the video at the Headies:


Olamide and Don Jazzy when all was good :